Skip Bayless: ‘Shannon Sharpe, I regret to inform you, your Cavaliers are officially in trouble’

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in his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless breaks down the Cavs' loss to the Warriors, outlining what went wrong for LeBron James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

SKIP BAYLESS: So, Shannon Sharpe.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes. I regret to inform you your Cavaliers are officially in trouble. I'm going to go above and beyond what happened last night on an MLK Day night, January the 15th, Golden State, no huge deal. I'm looking at the bigger picture in the longer term , and I'm looking at Lebron's team having lost eight of 10 games having trailed at Minnesota by 41 and at Toronto by 35. This is not a good sign what's going on.


SKIP BAYLESS: So to your point, I tweeted at halftime because I was impressed at that point. I knew we had a long way to go, but I tweeted in the first half, "LeBron played like the best player in the world." He really did because he had 20 points on 8 of 10. That's pretty spectacular. Made four or five free throws and the Cavs lead by seven. But the second half of my tweet was, "The Warriors played like they weren't that interested." After the game, Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, said that he lit into his team at halftime and said, "We weren't guarding anybody. There wasn't much intensity." So my eye test was correct. Golden State was just kind of shrugging through the first half and they trailed by seven. And I don't think anybody in the Golden State locker room was sweating at all because I don't think they'd even broken a sweat in the first half. So, they were a little bored. They finally said in the third quarter, "OK. That's enough." And they won the third quarter by nine and they won the fourth quarter by eight. And Kevin Durant said after the game, "We cruised to a W." he used the word "cruised." Well, I remind you with seven minutes and 40 seconds left in that game, it was still a four point game.


SKIP BAYLESS: Cleveland trailed by four. Tristan had made a little running jump hook OK. So it's your house. You've got LeBron James and I'm thinking, "OK. This is going to go to the wire." And for the next four minutes, Golden State went on a 14 to 4 run. And guess what? Boys and girls guess what? Not one basket in the 14 to 4 run was scored, to your point, by Kevin Durant or Steph Curry or Klay Thompson. Not one basket. They're doing it with Nick Young and David West and Shaun Livingston. It's toying with the Cavaliers. And I've got to tell you, the whole second half to me it looked like Golden State was running a fast break layup drill. Like a lay up. Like kids riding a ride. Like weeee. Is it your turn to dunk or my turn to dunk? Do you get a layup or do I get to lay this one in? And I got to tell you, I was embarrassed for your team on national TV because that was some sorry defense. That was some listless, lifeless, don't give a you-know-what kind of defense.

SHANNON SHARPE: They forgot what got the lead in the first half and they reverted back to what they did in the previous three games.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well what are you doing?


SKIP BAYLESS: Nothing. And at the end of the game, this is Steph's way, he was Globetrotter toying with the Cavaliers. He'd face up a defender and cup the ball behind his back. You know? Like cup it in his hand and just kind of look you in the eye like, "I got the ball on my back and I'm about to perform a Magic trick on you." And it's the kind of thing-- I remember when you got upset. Jamal Murray dribbled around Lonzo in Denver. It's that kind of thing, except this is a two time MVP and he's just messing with you. You know, it's his athletic arrogance if you want to call it, but it came to that last night for this team.