Skip and Shannon on the Eagles and Carson Wentz after Week 14

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk about the Week 14 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams.

- First of all, I want to say about Carson Wentz that I hated seeing him get hurt. I root against him because I'm a Cowboy fan. And I don't like the Eagles so because you suddenly leaped on the Wentz bandwagon--

SHANNON SHARPE: I was always on his bandwagon.

- You have been, but on their bandwagon. I have rooted against him all year. I did not want to see him go down. This is another big star that the league has lost. And it's just not good for anybody.

- When you saw that hit, what was the first thing go through your mind? RG3. I was having lunch.


SHANNON SHARPE: That was the first thing I thought, Skip.

- I said, that's RG3. Because remember, RG3's leg got--

SKIP BAYLESS: He got sandwiched, yep. He got leg-whipped.

- That same place. Yep.

- And unfortunately, the play didn't even count. So that's--

SHANNON SHARPE: That's what makes it bad.

- I know. That's what was terrible about it. So I wish him a speedy recovery. I'm hoping against hope it's not as bad as they thought. But everybody seemed to think it was really bad. Because everybody last night was so down coming out of that locker room.

Now, back to what happened in the game, talk about a meant to be magic carpet ride of a year, I also thought there were two big penalties on the Rams that helped turn the tide in the game. The first one was on Trumaine Johnson. He got a trash talk penalty after he had broken up a deep pass on Jefferey.

And it led to the sequence at the goal line in which Carson Wentz got hurt. But it led to points, it led to a touchdown. And, again, I admire Carson Wentz for sucking it up and gutting it out. I guess Doug Peterson had no idea he was really hurt.


- But could see if you studied the replays of, the video of it, he's limpy already. And I'm with you. I thought it didn't look very good. And, yet, he throws one high and way outside off target.


- And then it gets to fourth and goal. And I was surprised. I thought they'd just take the field goal.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, you know me. I'm like, no, what are you doing? Just take the points.

SKIP BAYLESS: Just take the points. Just take the points.

- But I forgot he had [INAUDIBLE].

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, he had--

- He said, I just going to hand it-- ay, Wentz, go hand this ball in the end zone to Alshon.

- And you know what? I don't think he actually handed it to him.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, he did.

- I'm still convinced-- I think he-- because, remember, he wanted to go to Trey Burton. And he looks to his right. And he starts to throw it and then brings it down. And then he looks quickly to his left. And he's standing flat footed because he can't turn hard on his left knee.


- And he just flips it sideways. And I think he might have been aiming at Agholor, cutting across.


- I'm not sure.

SHANNON SHARPE: He wanted to put it on his back hip.

- It's behind Alshon. And he reaches down and just picks it up off the-- just picks it clean right off the turf. It was a heck of a little catch, just a little catch.

SHANNON SHARPE: Heck of a throw.

- But it was--

- He didn't want to give it to Burton.

SKIP BAYLESS: It was not a heck of a throw.

- He said to Burton, I already got you two tugs. Let me feed Alshon because he nice.

- So then in comes Nick Foles. And we have a couple of sequences of going for field goals. But the-- I guess it was the first field goal sequence, it gets to be a 54 yard field goal, which the kid makes because he makes everything he looks at. But they get this penalty for leverage. And even Mike Pereira said on Fox-- I know you've got the sound turned down. He said, I'm sorry, I can't see it. And I keep looking at it. It's just phantom.

- I think if the guy leaves his feet, Skip, if you ever leave your feet, you can't land on somebody.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, but he went right over the top.

- But if his feet-- if any part of your body, once you leave the ground, if any part of your body lands on someone, even if it's just your cleats, they're going to call it.