Earl Watson reveals why Kyrie Irving was so crucial to LeBron’s success in Cleveland

Joining Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, Earl Watson reveals why former Cav and current Boston Celtic PG Kyrie Irving was so important to LeBron's success with the Cleveland Cavaliers and what The King needs to do to right the ship before it's too late.

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- I think it's a couple of things. I think being minus 6.9 in points per game, you have the post-Kyrie. And what I mean by that is the Cavs are making three less three-pointers this season than they were last season.

So if you flip it, it's exactly the same what it is now. And during the season, you can get paralysis from analysis, right? You can over-study, you can think too hard, and they've had long post-seasons. So they have to really get back into like, you know, defining and mastering the simple things. Not being over-analyzing, but getting back to just being better focused possession by possession, and it starts in practice.

- So you think they miss Kyrie's scoring?

- I think they miss the way he can take over a game offensively, because if you look at their roster, who can really do that the way he did it next to LeBron? It's different. D. Wade can do it stretches, but it's to the rim, it's not at the three point line. So it condenses the defense. They stay in the paint, they make you play on the perimeter. And then K. Love plays off of everyone. And LeBron had the space to operate, get in the paint, get to the rim, kick out, because everyone's afraid of Kyrie from the weak side defense.

- And what do you think about the Cavs' lack of defense?

- I just think sometimes, you know, it starts the hammer on you in the season. You know, these guys' expectations are so high, and the season can wear on you, and then you just start to break apart, and that's why I think it's a lack of focus.

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