Skip explains why LeBron’s answers about Kyrie were ‘brilliant’

Skip discusses what was really behind LeBron James' words about Kyrie Irving.

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- So my big picture take away from all I heard from LeBron yesterday was it was absolutely brilliant. LeBron was at his greatest doing his media sessions, because he puts a lot of thought into it and he executes it brilliantly.

HOST: Yes.

- And the first thing he did was, I don't know what more I could have done. And it turns LeBron into the victim here, like he was victimized by Kyrie, like I don't-- I don't know what was happening. And then he went into the classic passive aggressive mode that he is so great at. And between the lines, he was actually criticizing Kyrie for all of his perceived or criticized shortcomings. And he's saying, I tried to help him with his leadership, with his playing point guard, his ball distribution basically, running the show, and with playing defense. I tried to help him on all three fronts. And I guess it just wasn't enough. And I think five times he called him--

HOST: Kid.

- The kid. The kid. The kid. The kid.

It's a little bit of a put down. He's still a kid. He doesn't know what he's doing. He's immature. He'll wake up and realize that the grass is greener in Boston. And I'm going to say this again, Kyrie left because he couldn't take LeBron James any more. And I reported this the day after that happened. After Kyrie announced, I told you I have a source close to Kyrie who told me that Kyrie had come to believe that LeBron was more about himself than about the team, and that LeBron is not all that he's cracked up to be by the media behind closed doors. And Kyrie was just sick and tired of everything LeBron in the locker room, on the bench, and on the court.

And I said the same things about Kevin Durant. I reported probably three years before he left, he was just going to leave. That first option, he was out. He just couldn't take playing with Russell Westbrook. He liked him personally off the floor-- and I can't say that for Kyrie and LeBron, because Kyrie does not love LeBron off the floor, and they had a couple of personal differences that I don't want to get into. But there was bad blood, and it escalated from the point that LeBron chose to take his talents back to Cleveland.

And it was a shock of shocks, because it was what? Eight days after Kyrie had committed long-term that he thought it was going to be his show, his team, his city, and the king returns. And it was a shocker. And Kyrie had to swallow a lot of pride and say, well, I guess I got to make this work. And to his credit and to LeBron's credit, they made it work. They won a championship.

But Kevin Durant, I told you, wanted out, because ultimately he just didn't think he could win a championship with Russell Westbrook dominating the ball the way he does. And maybe we'll find that Melo and Paul George come to the same conclusion fairly quickly.

But the point here is I reported this, and I'm going to stand by what I reported. And people can say, oh you just hate LeBron. You're just making this up. I'm not making it up. This is the truth. It's why Kyrie, when people say, did you call LeBron before you asked for a trade? He's like, no-- because he's not going to call LeBron.

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