Did we learn more about Kirk Cousins or Carson Wentz on Monday night?

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Jason Whitlock talks Carson Wentz and the Eagles with Colin Cowherd, Tony Gonzalez and Eric Dickerson.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, last night say more about Wentz or Kirk Cousins?

- I think it said more about Carson Wentz in terms of he's the future of the league, he's-- if we're looking for the next great quarterback, I think it's Carson Wentz.

If you remember, Eric Mangini all last year made fun of me, because I wanted to put a Hall of Fame jacket on Carson Wentz after three games, and he kind of fell apart. But this is what I saw coming, a guy that could be the next great quarterback in the NFL. And I think he kind of established that.

And that's a very good, solid Washington pass rush and defense he faced last night. Put up four TDs. Evaded some pressure in spectacular fashion. I think it said a lot about Carson Wentz.

COLIN COWHERD: And I was going to give you so much credit. Because I thought you really nailed it yesterday, And I was completely wrong. Last night became what you predicted it would be, is that I sat there and I watched the Honda Civic of the NFL, and a Maserati pulled up next to it named Carson Wentz, and I was like, I've driven a Honda Civic, but man, you look small and slow.

I sat there, and I watched it, and I thought, if I'm a GM or an owner, like, 0-for-6 on "Monday Night Football"-- and you can argue about Carson Wentz, but when you saw him next-- or about Kirk Cousins, but when you saw Cousins next to Wentz, he looks small, unathletic, pedestrian. He looked like generic vanilla ice cream.

- You know, my nickname in Kansas City was Fliplock, because I flipped from position to position. I saw some things from Kirk Cousins that reminded me again of what I saw when he played the Kansas City Chiefs. He's not surrounded by the best supporting cast.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, he had Sean McVay, he had Kyle Shanahan, he's got Jay Gruden.

- They don't put on helmets.

- OK. It seems to me that Kirk Cousins has had a really good offensive coaches.

- Helmets.

- Jordan Reed--

JASON WHITLOCK: The guys in the helmets matter.

- --DeSean Jackson, and Pierre Garcon, now they're all peeling off to better gigs. I look at him now, I'm like, he ain't throwing for 5,000 yards anymore.

ERIC DICKERSON: Well, I'm with you. It said more about Carson Wentz. In that game, he had four drives over 75 yards. That says a lot right there.

Now, I know this is going to sound crazy. But from the time Kirk Cousins came on the scene, I'm like, that name just don't do it for me. His name. It's all about the name. Like, I think about Joe Montana. I think about Tom Brady. Them names sound cool. Warren Moon.

Then I say, Kirk Cousins, I'm like-- and I know I sound crazy, but I'm like--

- You don't like that?

- --I just don't like the name. The name just don't, like, pow!

COLIN COWHERD: What about the game? Do you like his game?

- It's like this. It's like this. [INAUDIBLE]. And like I say, and it goes along with the name. The name. It's just the name. I know I sound crazy, but it's the name.

- Didn't you think he looked just meh?

ERIC DICKERSON: But look at-- I mean--


ERIC DICKERSON: --Carson Wentz is 6'5", 240.

- How's Tony Gonzalez for a tight end [INAUDIBLE]?

- I never heard of such a thing.

ERIC DICKERSON: Gonzalez. I mean, [INAUDIBLE] Gonzalez.

- [INAUDIBLE] guy. Anyways, but Kirk Cousins, he's a good quarterback. And we knew that going in. You answered that yesterday. You said, yeah, he'll throw decent numbers. He'll throw a pick whenever the game's on the line. And it exactly came true. We knew that going into it.

I think Carson Wentz-- my favorite player in the NBA of all-time, I think best player of all-time, is Magic Johnson. The reason I like Magic Johnson over everybody else is because he made everybody around him so much better. So much better. And this is what I see from him.

Now, is he Magic Johnson? Like I said, I'm going to pump the brakes. But let's see him do it over three or four years, let alone five, six games of the first-- of the season.

COLIN COWHERD: You're talking Carson Wentz.

- I'm talking Carson Wentz right now. I think this guy what he does with the players around him, it's what Tom Brady does, it's what Drew Brees does, it's what Aaron Rodgers does.


- The elite quarterbacks with the great names--

- It's the name.

- --they get everybody around them better. They make Nelson Agholor look better. They make-- Ertz is having his best season ever now, because he's got this player-- Philadelphia Eagles, they'd better be happy, because they found themselves a franchise quarterback.

COLIN COWHERD: There was a moment last night-- as great as Derek Jeter was, it's that flip against the A's that is that iconic moment. As good as Michael Jordan is, there's that shot against Cleveland, the one where his tongue is out.

There was a play last night with Wentz that will be-- I don't-- Brady couldn't make it, Peyton Manning couldn't make-- when he did the Houdini move, I thought to myself, I've never seen anything like that. Marino couldn't make that play. I mean, to me--

JASON WHITLOCK: Steve Young. That sort of play.

ERIC DICKERSON: He could make.

- --and when I saw that play, and I thought of Kirk Cousins, I'm like, Kirk Cousins is what pro athletes call a JAG, just a guy.

TONY GONZALEZ: He's a good quarterback.

- He's just a guy.

TONY GONZALEZ: That's all he is, though. It's all-- he's a good quarterback.

- I tend to agree with you. But I see what Kyle Shanahan sees in Kirk Cousins.


- I wouldn't do it. Again, a guy, if you put the right pieces around--

- Stability.

- --yeah, the right pieces around, he could be what Trent Green was in Kansas City. Led a high-powered offense. If you got the Priest Holmes, you got Brian Waters and Willie Roaf and Will Shields up, if you have all the pieces around him, Kirk Cousins can be a Pro Bowl-level quarterback.

But again, is he what Carson Wentz is? Is he a guy that carries the team to a Super Bowl?

- No way.

- Is he a guy that I would give a $100 million contract to? Hell, no.