Aaron Rodgers is talented enough to break Peyton Manning’s TD record this year – But will he?

Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Tony Gonzalez and Eric Davis talk about Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers heading into the next NFL season.

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- Do you believe Rodgers will break Peyton Manning's record of 55 touchdowns?

- No, because the NFC is really good. You'd need three and a half a year. His best has been three. And frankly, if you got to that point, that means they're unbalanced. And I think McCarthy is a really good coach, he's an offensive minded guy, and I think he likes balance. I mean is he talented enough to do it? Yeah. But that would tell me that they're uneven. And I don't think you can beat a Seattle in Sea--

- They've been uneven.

- Yeah, but I think-- by the way the year they won the Super Bowl, they had a very good running game late in the year. 55 touchdowns, that's almost four a game. That means you're basically not running the ball.

- And that may be the position that they're in because they haven't taken care of all the pieces around it. Again I think Tony's bet is that their defensive isn't going to be great, so you're going to have to outscore people--


- --If they had a great defense, then you run a little bit more ball control, and you run out the clock some. But I think he's saying he's going to be in a lot of shootouts. The reason why I don't think it's going to happen, I just don't think you can do it in Green Bay. And I know he's thrown 45 touchdowns there. But I just think the weather and that atmosphere just doesn't lead--

COLIN COWHERD: They're also playing in Chicago.

JASON WHITLOCK: Yeah, in Chicago. I just don't think at the end of the year, I don't think you can keep that four and a half or four touchdowns a game pace. I don't think you can do it.

- The hardest reason that I see to be able to accomplish this, the hardest thing in front of him is the fact that you've got to have so many other people willing to do this and working with you. All your receivers have to be having really good years.

COLIN COWHERD: And healthy.

- They have to be able to make plays for you. Most importantly to break a record like that, Tony, your head coach has to be in with it. And he's got to want you to break that record.

If you go into week 16, you're the Green Bay Packers, you have the division wrapped up, what is Mike McCarthy going to do? Is he going to play Aaron Rodgers? Or is he going to sit him, and get him ready for the playoffs? I think he'd sit him.

So you need a coach that wants to break that record too, as opposed to saying I'm going to do this thing that's best for the team, or I think it's going to be best for us down the road. That's why I don't think he'll break it because I don't think McCarthy is going to be all about breaking a record. I think he's going to be more concerned about making certain that they get the offside kick.

JASON WHITLOCK: I'm not sure Aaron Rodgers will be either. I don't know if he'll be all about breaking the record.

- Look, I don't think that's something you set out at the beginning of the season to say, OK, we're going out for that record this year. But I know all signs. And watching them play in the preseason, you look at their roster, this is the best offense that he's ever had in my opinion, looking at that. Especially with Martellus Bennett, I think, which is a huge addition down there in the red zone with Randall Cobb. You've got to Jordy Nelson, got 14 touchdowns last year. Did I already say Randall Cobb?


- You got Marcellus Wiley. You got Ty Montgomery, who's an ex-receiver coming out there. And then there's one other guy--

ALL: Adams.

- Davante Adams. With Aaron Rodgers, even if you can run the ball, which I think they'll be better at running the ball. They got a pretty good offensive line. You get down to that red zone, you just spread everybody out, what do you do? With Aaron Rodgers pulling the trigger, if they want this record, they can go get it.

COLIN COWHERD: Now, when Peyton got the record, Denver's defense was amazing. Part of this is getting the ball back and in good field position.

ALL: Yeah.

- Peyton Manning there was a lot of three and outs. So Peyton was getting 13 possessions a game, and he was getting the ball to 50 because Denver was pinning people. The problem is Green Bay allows a lot of yards. He may just not get the snaps.

JASON WHITLOCK: He is, in my view, the most talented quarterback we've ever seen. And--


- Yes, the most talented quarterback we've ever seen. And I know Peyton didn't do it in Indianapolis. But if you put Aaron Rodgers in a dome, I think he does it. In Green Bay, at the end of the year, for the reasons you're talking about. Yeah, I think Peyton was a stat junkie. I don't think Aaron Rodgers is a stat junkie.

- Let's just think about Peyton. When Peyton threw those 55 touchdowns, I think, I was looking at something one time, and I think his average ball flight was less than 10 yards. I mean Bay Bay should have been the MVP. He was taking 2-yard hitch routes and running them 55 yards.

So those are the type things that I'm saying that you have to have working for you to score that many touchdowns. You got to have guys taking 8-yard hitches, breaking tackles, going long, it's not going to all be pretty passes, or all in the red zone, where you're down there picking guys apart. You've got to have a lot of guys making plays from you, from a long way, with a lot of green.

- I will say this too. Going back to your point there, Colin. When we, out in Kansas City, that year we had that offensive line, Priest Holmes was the MVP. I think we led the league in scoring that year. It was like 33 or whatever it was-- 32 points a game because we had the worst defense in the league too. So sometimes when you have that defense, it's called a shoot out. We going to get the ball out because they're going to keep scoring and we got to keep scoring points, so--

- Greg Robinson defense there.

- By the way, Peyton Manning's a stat junkie?

- Yes, he was a stat junkie.

- Where does that come from?

- Because he was never going to get the titles like Brady, so he wanted all the records.


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