Cub Swanson makes his pick between Jeremy Stephens vs. DooHo Choi

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Cub Swanson weighs in on the fight between Jeremy Stephens vs. DooHo Choi in UFC St. Louis

[ELECTRONIC MUSIC] - So we've got an exciting fight this weekend, guys. We've got DooHo Choi against Jeremy Stephens. Everyone knows, you know, that's a banger. And everyone's been asking me my opinion since I fought both guys.

I think both guys have the potential to win. I think Jeremy Stephens, if he can utilize those low ankle kicks and a put in a lot of pressure, DooHo Choi doesn't do well when you kind of mess with his stance and you back him up. He's a master of you know, distance and being precise when you stand in front of him.

So I think if Jeremy's in his face the whole time, it'll cause a lot of problems for him. On the flip side, DooHo Choi, he's razor sharp. If Jeremy kind of lunges in without setting up his big left hook, I think that's where DooHo Choi, you know, is really going to change the fight, is catching him on the inside with his big loopy left hook.

I really think that will be the deciding factor that I'm excited to watch. But I think DooHo Choi's going to get it. So there's my pick.