Cousin Sal on Odell Beckham Jr’s comments: ‘We can read between the lines here, he doesn’t like Eli’

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Cousin Sal says Odell Beckham Jr's comments on the New York offense is about his relationship with QB Eli Manning. Sal explains why the team won't score enough to win many games this season.

- Yeah, I liked it better when Beckham was taking out his frustrations on a kicking net. But listen, we can read between the lines here. He doesn't like Eli. He's going to tear his head off soon, I think is the problem. You saw the graphic. The last three years, the offense ranked 26th, 31st, and 29th. And Eli is in trouble. But the problem is, like Todd says, they don't have a great backup. Alex Tanney, Kyle Lauletta, there's not a lot out there. I don't know what Shurmur does here. The only saving grace is that Sam Darnold has been shot back into a cannon so you don't have that Jets-Giants media problem. But the Giants are not going to score enough to win games this year.