Nick Wright reveals how Villanova was able to dominate the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament

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In his reaction to Jay Wright notching his 2nd title after Villanova crushed the Michigan Wolverines to win the 2018 Men's NCAA basketball title, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe how Jalen Brunson, Mikal Bridges and Donte DiVincenzo were able to trail blaze through the tournament and cap off their successful run with a dominant victory.

- To your point about them embracing DiVincenzo's game, he needed to have this game. Because Jalen Brunson, the national player of the year, the best player in college basketball according to all the awards this year, was in foul trouble and was not on from the field. It was Mikal Bridges and DiVincenzo that led them to the victory.

To your point, though, about the dominant performance, now this is only the second team since the field has expanded to 64 teams, that has won every game by at least a dozen points. Their average margin of victory was nearly 18 points.

- That's outstanding.

- And by the way-- so for example, the team that had a better average margin of victory en route to a national championship was the Villanova team two years ago. And you might say, how could that be? They won a game, they won the national championship on a buzzer beater. That was a close game. Their Elite Eight game was a close game.

That's because they had a couple 30 and 40 point wins mixed in there. Villanova was just beating everybody by 12 to 25 points. Like every game in this tournament, they were just so clearly the best team out there. And unlike Michigan-- and it's not taking anything away from Michigan who had a fortuitous turn in the bracket-- until the national championship game, they hadn't played a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 seed.

Villanova played about the toughest bracket you could play. It played true to seed. They played a 3 instead of a 2, but they didn't have any Cinderellas in their path. They were beating, after the first game against, Radford, some of the best teams in college basketball. And they were winning these games by halftime.

- So now Villanova goes, they've won two out of the last three. What does this mean? Where do they sit big picture? Where does that fall for you?

- Trying to build a program. I mean continue-- they might lose-- they're going to definitely lose one guy. They could lose as many as three guys. If the freshman, Spellman, decides to go into the draft, you have to replace him. I'm not going to put them in the category as far as what do they do next? Are they-- for next year's-- because there's too many moving parts.

There's too many freshmen coming in that we don't know about, but Jay Wright's team will be very, very good. They will be the favorite in the Big East again. When you look at Xavier, who they have problems with during the regular season, right?

- Yup.

- They lose their coach--

- Xavier-- they beat Xavier twice in the regular season, but Xavier ended their streak of consecutive conference championships.

- Yes. Now, Xavier, they're losing their coach, Chris Mack, to Louisville. So what will they do from there? But they are the preeminent team, especially on the East Coast. I think they have a transfer coming over is going to help them. They can play.

They've got a big time-- they've got a top 15 freshman coming in, a five star recruit, that's going to help them. But it really hinges on, does Brunson decide to come back for his fourth year? And does Spellman, the freshman, does he decide to go to the NBA? I think he should come back. That's where Villanova is going forward.

- And I would-- DiVincenzo will come back. Like, I understand people are--

- Yeah, absolutely.

- I mean he's-- I think he might end up being an NBA player, but he will come back. He's not a leave early type of player. I'd be very surprised if Mikal-- look, Mikal Bridges, go be a pro. Go make money. Go be a top 15 pick. There's no question about it. But as far as what this means for the program to me, you got to keep in mind who you're recruiting. Everyone you're recruiting at this point college basketball was born in the year 2000 or later. Right? That's how young these guys are. Since the year 2000 to now, only Duke, Carolina, and UConn have won more championships in these players' lifetimes. I'm not even including, obviously, their first one in '85. From 2000 to now, only Duke, Carolina, and UConn have a better winning history for when these players were alive to watch college basketball. Like, Villanova has won as many championships in the last three years as Kansas, one of the true blue bloods, has won in the last 60 years.

- That's crazy.

- They've won as many championships in-- they've won more championships in the last two years-- in the last three years than UCLA has won in the last 30 years. So the blue blood thing can kind of be fluid. And if you're a young recruit, and you say, I want to play for a cool program. I want to play in a cool city, and I want to play for a program that has a winning history--

- --and a good coach.

- And a great coach--

- Sorry, just had to throw that out there.

- A great coach. That is, Villanova now is all of a sudden near, if not, at the top of that list.

- Right. They end up getting one of the recruits that left Arizona. With Arizona involved in the show scandal, he's decided to come to Villanova. So the kids out there. Their eyes are on Villanova as a viable option as one of the top program.

- We had Jason Caple coming on a little bit later. We'll talk more about this.