Xavier’s Chris Mack on the Musketeers clinching the Big East regular season title for the 1st time in school history

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Xavier's head coach Chris Mack reveals what so special about the Musketeers clinching the Big East Regular-Season Title for the 1st time in school history in their victory over DePaul.

- OK, let's talk about Saturday, first regular season Big East title in school history. Tell me what that experience was like.

- It was awesome. Obviously, we clinched a share the game before in Wednesday night against Providence, and so we had the opportunity to celebrate it. But you know, this was our fifth year in the league. Nobody had won a regular season title outside of Villanova, so obviously, everybody knows how good they've been for so many years. So it was special, especially the fact that, you know, we have three seniors who have been with me for four years and have tried to climb that mountain top, and to get there was awfully rewarding.

NICK WRIGHT: You mention the seniors. Like, this is one of the reasons you guys are a likely one seed, one of the reasons you guys are a favorite to make the final four is, in college baseball in 2018, a lot of youth, and you guys are very-- old for college basketball terms.


- How much has that changed the way you can coach this team, when you have guys who are used to you, used to your system, and given the run last year, used to high level success?

- Yeah, first of all, we have a really good mix of young guys and veterans. But I think when you get to the point where your team is coaching the team, not that I don't have much of a role at all--


--but the seniors do a really good job. You know, Tony Dungy calls it regenerative leadership, where your oldest players teach the younger players, and not necessarily just on the court, but the way you carry yourself, the way you travel, your practice habits. And when I have guys that are seniors, that are looking at me in the eye in every huddle like they're freshmen, it's something that, you know, you want as a coach, and I'm very fortunate.