Stephen Thompson vs Darren Till | PREVIEW | UFC TONIGHT

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Tyron Woodley and Kenny Florian break down this Saturday's main event between Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson and Darren Till.

- After the UFC made its debut in Santiago, Chile last week, the Octagon debuts in another locale this Sunday in Liverpool, England. Lets UFC It Now to FS1 UFC Fight Night Wonderboy versus Till-- the number one ranked Wonderboy is taking on the number ranked number eight ranked Darren Till-- two phenomenal strikers going at it here, Tyron-- obviously the Muay Thai style of Darren Till, high pressure, going against a very elusive and slick counterstriker and Wonderboy.

- You know, you think about Darren Till, he's that young fighter that's hungry. He wants to fight for the world title. He's costly coming out there aggressively. And you said he has that Muay Thai background, where it's not just unwarranted aggression. He has one technique behind it, crazy straight left hand, and he has that pit bull finishing ability. So that poses a problem for, really, any welterweight.

- Yeah, absolutely, and Till is 16-0 with one draw. 63% of those wins have come by TKO or KO. This is a very dangerous striker. He likes to get in your face. He's a southpaw. He knows how to bring you into his game. I'm curious to see if, with that size, with that range, with that reach, if he's able to lure Wonderboy in into really brawling with him. Because that's what you have to do against a more technical fighter is really-- you brawl the technical fighter, and I try to outtechnique the brawler.

- Yeah, I agree with you. What he has to do is not allow the pressure of living up to the crap he's been talking. I don't think he's so nervous of fighting against another striker. If I was a striker and I get to stand across the Octagon from another striker, I feel good. He's worried about the wrestler, the grappler, the person that has the martial arts skills set that he was not born with or is not his background. So I think the pressure is going to come from him bumping those gum and got to live up to it.

- Absolutely. And Thompson is no stranger to the bright lights. Six of his fights have been against champions or contenders who have fought for the title.