Mirsad Bektic TKOs Godofredo Pepey | HIGHLIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Mirsad Bektic TKOs Godofredo Pepey with a brutal Chest shot in the first round

DOMINICK CRUZ: Bektic is more of a combination striker. He likes to fire combinations--

JOHN ANICK: Oh! Huge body shot!

DOMINICK CRUZ: Body shot! Huge left hand.

JOHN ANICK: Pepey's gotta cover up!

DOMINICK CRUZ: And that's it.

JOHN ANICK: Mirsad Bektic is back in a big way tonight! And he says to the broadcast table, I told you. Indeed he did. Mirsad Bektic stuns Godofredo Pepey with a body shot.

DOMINICK CRUZ: That right hand was perfect. And that's-- Pepey opening up to throw a loaded shot, and we saw just stepping it right down the center with a straight punch and landing first.

JOHN ANICK: All right, let's get you the Move of The Fight, it is brought to you by MetroPCS. Bringing you closer than ever to the UFC, putting knock out coverage in your hands by coverage 99% of people in the US.

DOMINICK CRUZ: Huge punch. I mean, Pepey stepped in it throw a kick, and Bektic just right on the money, right to the liver. Bam! Oh, it was a nice knee. And see, he was looking for the right thing, but Bektic went to the body. Perfect read by Bektic to go to the body, and that saved him from that knee. Beautiful shot by Bektic.