We know he can jump, but can Ronaldo really dunk a basketball?

BY Thomas Hautmann • February 3, 2016

We've seen enough pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo either shirtless or showing off his enormous thighs to know he's a freak athlete. But can he dunk a basketball?

Normally we’d say yes without hesitation, but then the Real Madrid star posted a picture to Instagram of himself dunking on what does not look to be a regulation size hoop. Not even close, to be honest:

Color us unimpressed, Ronaldo. That looks more like the six-foot hoop I used to dominate in the driveway back in my middle school days.

Then again, Ronaldo most definitely does have ups. We’re talking considerable hangtime. Check out some of these photos:

So yes, Ronaldo can absolutely dunk. Even if he cheated this time.

(h/t Instagram)

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