Artemi Panarin
St. Louis Blues Morning Links:  Welcome Back Scorers
Artemi Panarin

St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Welcome Back Scorers

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 8:02 p.m. ET

Good morning Blues fans! Hockey returned in full force last night and the St. Louis Blues made the most of it.

The St. Louis Blues offense came to play in their first game back after the Christmas break. Their scorers looked like they fully utilized the league’s longest holiday break.

They were flying around the ice. When they gained the zone, they looked like they could score on any attempt.

They were doing the little things as well. The Blues got several goals from tips, showing that they can get some net front presence.


It is nights like last night that make the other ones so frustrating. If they can get shots on target, battle for pucks around the net, get screens and tips then why can they not do it with regularity?

Nobody is saying you have to do it game in and out. Even the best of teams have games where it doesn’t work out or the effort can’t quite get you there.

Still, the Blues just don’t seem to have that want to get to the dirty areas enough. Last night they did and it benefited them to the tune of six goals.

They scored an empty net goal, which almost never happens. Robby Fabbri had a hat trick, which we haven’t seen in what feels like forever.

It should have been an incredibly positive night. Still, the defensive cloud hanging over the team just won’t go away.

Last night was a perfect example. Yes, the Blues won, but as much as so many want to blame Jake Allen, last night’s goals against showed that there isn’t anything a goaltender can do at times.

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    The team just puts themselves in precarious positions too often and good teams make them pay. Fortunately for the Blues, their offense showed up with some force and bailed them out.

    St. Louis simply can’t count on that night in and out. I’d love for them to have six goals each game. That would alleviate some fears.

    It’s not going to happen though. Like their baseball neighbors, the offense mysteriously dried up at random.

    For now, we should just be happy with the win. Chicago is not faltering and Minnesota is hot. The Blues need to keep pace as much as they can and a win last night was a step.

    Here are your St. Louis Blues Morning Links to get your day started off right.

    Jeremy Rutherford has your full recap of last night’s action. As usual, it includes some of the locker room sentiment following the game as well. (Post-Dispatch)

    Yesterday, we posted a link about the ice skating rink under the Arch. There is plenty of other things going on around town connected with the Winter Classic as well. The website has full details about all the events going on. (Arch Winterfest)

    Speaking of the Winter Classic, news continues to trickle out about all the festivities on top of the game itself. We now know who will be singing, performing and what have you at various times during the Alumni game and the Classic itself. (CBS Local)

    The Blues are going to have to worry about Artemi Panarin for at least a couple more seasons. The Blackhawks signed him to an incredibly reasonable extension. (NHL)

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    The United States remains on a collision course with an immensely talented Canadian squad this Saturday.. They remain undefeated after a solid goaltending performance against Slovakia. (ESPN)

    Have a great day Blues fans!


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