Taking a closer look at UCLA QB Josh Rosen

BY foxsports • August 14, 2015

There's a lot of curiosity surrounding UCLA freshman Josh Rosen.

He hasn't taken a single college snap, so the only video pundits can go off of is his high school game film. That's exactly what John Schlichter did at Pacific Takes as he prepared a detailed scouting report on Rosen, and he pinpoints exactly why Rosen likely chose to come to Westwood.

"After watching enough of Rosen's games, it's easy to see that the continuity between Bosco's and UCLA's offensive system was a major factor in his choice in coming to Westwood," Schlichter writes. "While there are obvious aesthetic differences between his high school offense and [offensive coordinator Noel] Mazzone's, they both use the same concepts to accomplish the same thing. According to Rosen's interactions with Trent Dilfer at The Opening, it's obvious that Rosen needs a coach he sees eye-to-eye with in offensive philosophy."

The story includes GIFs breaking down plays. It's a real must-read.

(h/t Pacific Takes)

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