Skip on LeBron and Wade joining forces again: ‘I’ve never seen LeBron happier’

Skip Bayless on LeBron and Dwyane Wade.

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- Back to the LeBron I saw yesterday in that media session, I'm not sure I've ever seen him happier than he was. He was giddy happy.


- He was little kid on Christmas happy. And he should be. Because I want to remind everybody of what just transpired. His quote, unquote, "big brother," his mentor, the player who taught LeBron how to win in Miami-- took a while, but he taught him how.

- It didn't take no while. It took a year.

- It took a bloody bad year--

- That's OK.

- --it's as painful a year as you've ever seen. That finals in 2011, whew.

- Just play say the finals.

- Meltdown.

- Don't say-- don't say-- Skip, stop doing that talking about the whole year. The finals were bad. Everything else was great.

- So that guy who did that for LeBron is the same guy that LeBron left high and dry after the 2014 finals in a shocking move, in the 11th hour, right up against the deadline, Dwayne was blindsided, as was Pat Riley, by the fact, LeBron's leaving us. Because LeBron clearly had decided Dwayne's knees were just too shot to give him enough help going forward.

- Yeah.

- And it was over. And he hugged him and said, I'm sorry, bro, I gotta go.


- And it was easier to justify because he was going home. So it's hard to rip somebody for going to a home, right?

- (SINGING) I'm going home. I've changed the world.

- OK, so that guy, and, again, I know several people close to Dwayne and they were stunned that Dwayne took it so well. Because they thought the bridge had been burned between Dwayne and LeBron--


- --as close as they were. But friendship won out.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's right.

- That depth of that brotherhood kind of friendship--


- --that brother to brother friendship, it somehow won out. And now Dwayne Wade has come full circle back to reunite with LeBron James in Cleveland-- this is a shocking story to me-- for a season in which Dwayne is going to make a grand total of $2.3 million while LeBron James is scheduled to make $33.3 million. Think of that. The brothers have reunited, but Dwayne makes 2.3 and LeBron makes 33.3.

SHANNON SHARPE: But he got like $13, $15 million from the Bulls, Skip, to buy him out.

- Woo. But Cleveland is only paying him 2.3


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