Amerikaner Abroad Matchdays 5 & 6 | 2018-19 Bundesliga Season

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Kate Abdo and Alexi Lalas discuss the performance of several US internationals in Bundesliga on match days 5 and 6. The FOX team focuses on Christian Pulisic, Alfredo Morales, Fabian Johnson, Weston McKennie, John Brooks and Bobby Wood.

There is a new team at the top of the Bundesliga table after Matchday six. We're going to show you how Christian Pulisic helped Borussia Dortmund get there next on Amerikaner Abroad. Hello, everybody. I'm Kate Abdo alongside Alexi Lalas, who just pulled open his shirt slightly for this segment. I'm just wondering what that was about.

- Digital, baby. Give them what they want.

- Yeah. Is that what they want?

- I don't know. There's somebody out there.

- All right, Alexi. This week was our first Englische Woche in the Bundesliga, which means that-- I know that you're semi-fluent in German.

- Well, yeah, I mean I'm taking the Abdo lessons each and every week. So I know that Englische means English, and Woche means week, right? And the reason why they call it that is because they are mirroring it off of what happens in England in that there's a midweek game, right? So they're co-opting it.

KATE ABDO: We are a standard bearer for all.

- Yeah, OK.

- Isn't it? OK, well that's right-- two match days in the span of a week, so let's get you caught up on all the American participation over those two match days. We'll start with the mid-week games. Alexi, what do we got? All right, well so take a look at the Americans here. Christian Pulisic shooting to the top in both of these wins for Borussia Dortmund. He played a part-- at times, a big part, at times, a smaller part. John Brooks continues on. He's played every minute for Gladbach, as has Alfredo Morales. Morales getting that loss-- two losses, but playing, as we said, every single minute, John Brooks.

Weston McKennie was a substitute-- came on, but it's good to be a substitute, at least, if you're going to be involved in the first win of the year, which he was for Schalke. They needed it. Bobby Wood, struggling to put the ball in the back of the net, but he came on as a substitute, as he has in the past, and got an assist. So good news for the Americans on what we said was a week where there were two different games. They played apart, and a big part.

KATE ABDO: Mm-hmm. Christian Pulisic once again making the most noise, I think, amongst the American contingent in the Bundesliga. Let's start a-- excuse me. Let's start off with the game on Wednesday at-- we could watch this assist over and over again.

- It's wonderful. It's wonderful. And look, the reason why we talk about Christian Pulisic is because of his ability, but also his potential. Well, he is living up to the potential, and he is a mainstay now on this team. Wonderful little drop pass in the path there to start this out. Now this was a rout, and so to a certain extent, this was kind of patterns to goal for Borussia Dortmund's 7-0 over a hapless type of Nurnberg side.

But he is on the field. There is a coordination. There's an understanding, and more importantly, there is a consistency. Catch me. Catch me.

KATE ABDO: So Pulisic and Dortmund got that huge win over Nurnberg. It was the comeback win away to Leverkusen that I think was the one that vaulted them ultimately to the top of the table. What did you see from Pulisic in that game?

- That he can-- he can be a provider. That he consistently when he gets the ball, his first thought is, I am going forward. And that is a good thing-- to be positive in your approach. He is owning that right side of the field for Dortmund, as we take a look at his opportunities here. Whether it's him crossing the ball, whether it's him shooting, as in this place. Or whether it's his using that speed, there's nothing I like better than when Christian Pulisic gets the ball in space and at speed, playing against a team like this that opens up. Then good things happen, as they did here-- Witsel with the shot, ultimately.

But constantly being positive, constantly going forward, constantly thinking as soon as he gets the ball, how can I find a way to break down the other team? A wonderful little ball in there-- that's just a-- that's not a typical ball. That is something that you see, and then we take a look at Christian Pulisic down the side, drawing multiple players, and then more importantly, beating multiple players. And if you're going to do that consistently through the year, that's a good thing. Because when you beat multiple players on the dribble, then other opportunities open up for others.

- It was certainly a tougher time against Leverkusen for Christian Pulisic. He comes off in the second half. His replacement, Jadon Sancho then promptly ends up with two assists. The 18-year-old Sancho also had a goal and an assist off the bench against Nurnberg. When you compare the two, Jadon Sancho vastly outperforming Pulisic on the stat sheet. Still no starts for the Englishman, but how concerned do you think that fans should be that Pulisic might well lose playing time to Sancho going forward. Who do you prefer?

ALEXI LALAS: An Englishman?

KATE ABDO: Do you prefer the American?

ALEXI LALAS: Well, who do you think I prefer? I prefer Christian Pulisic. It is a little unfair. It's a little apples and oranges.

KATE ABDO: Is it though?

ALEXI LALAS: Yeah, it is. It is because it's a different type of responsibility and a job coming off the bench as a substitute. And there's nothing that you could say that, if you put Christian Pulisic in that same position coming off the bench, that he couldn't have the impact. Your def-- by definition, your job coming off the bench as a substitute is to have an impact. Now, when you look at these numbers right now, that's all fine and well. And you say, because what people do is they'll extrapolate it out and say, all right, well listen, he's getting either a goal or an assist every 21 minutes, so start him from the beginning.

But as a defender, you get into-- you get into a groove in terms of the rhythm of a game in defending. The worst thing that you want to see as a defender is somebody who's fast, somebody who's young, all right, somebody who's English, getting up on the sideline, getting ready to come in to a substitution role. And that's what Jadon Sanchez-- Jadon Sancho has done, but he's done so well. And it's not as easy as saying, well then Jadon Sancho should start, and Christian Pulisic shouldn't. But there are going to be calls for that. And that's what you want to do. You want to put pressure on the coach and others to play.

- Shocker, though, that you've managed to spin away from the Englishman. I'm not surprised. Pulisic, Sancho--

- Is he really English? Are we sure?

KATE ABDO: Of course he's English.

ALEXI LALAS: All right, I just want to, you know, make sure.

KATE ABDO: He's one of ours, Alexi. Don't try and take him away from us. Pulisic, Sancho, and company facing Augsburg next Saturday FS2. That one is followed by Fabian Johnson and Gladbach taking on Bayern Munich. On Friday, John Brooks and Wolfsburg battling surprising Werder Bremen. That one is also on FS2. And we will see you then for more Bundesliga. Good-bye. Auf Wiedersehen.