LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Full highlights between LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders.

COMMENTATOR 1: A glorious technically fall day in Southern California-- underway. The Galaxy in white, the Seattle Sounders in green. Alessandrini back for Ashley Cole-- leads MLS defenders in assists this year. Ibrahimovic got his head to that, but couldn't turn it on target. Feltscher-- good pressure to win it back off Brad Smith. Kamara has it again. Kim Kee-hee the defender, Alessandrini wants it in the middle. Instead, it's in for Ibrahimovic, get a return, and there's contact-- it's a penalty!

COMMENTATOR 2: --between the strikers. This is Ola Kamara dropping a little deeper, and just here you think, Zlatan-- is going to take the shot? He took a shot earlier. Instead, he had the awareness and just rolled it into the path.

COMMENTATOR 1: And right on the border of sun and shade, Ibrahimovic putting LA in front.

COMMENTATOR 2: --himself in front of Brad Smith to draw the foul, and then up steps Zlatan.

COMMENTATOR 1: A lot of space right now on the back post. It's Alessandrini to drive this right in front, and Frei, look what I've found-- underneath him, able to cover that thing up. Lodeiro-- Christian Roldán taking the touch on Cole, clipping it in-- Will Bruin is there, and he missed the header.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, what a chance. What a chance here on the break. And right here, he made a good run that Dos Santos couldn't stay with him. It stays alive in the box, but nobody picks him up now. Look how free he is at the back post. Too much time to think about it, and the Galaxy switching off defensively. He's onside, as well.

COMMENTATOR 1: This time instead short for Lodeiro. He'll find the space to get the cross in. Bruin--coming off the side of his head-- Ruidiaz hit it wide. The second good look a Seattle forward has had today.

COMMENTATOR 2: He gives the Galaxy much more options going forward.

COMMENTATOR 1: Alessandrini picks this up now. He might have been offside, but [INAUDIBLE] might have kept his flag down, deliberately instructed to do so, because they can always take it back on video review if Kamara scores, which he does. As it stands, pending that narrow offside decision in the build up. It's Ola Kamara's goal. It's 2-0 for the LA Galaxy.

COMMENTATOR 2: --got his hand up. They almost switched off mentally from this play. A little one-two, a nice little flick from Zlatan, and then there's Kamara-- the timing of the run is impeccable.

COMMENTATOR 1: --would be a Galaxy loss to Seattle today. They would be all but done in the Western Conference playoff picture. This win keeping them very much alive. Second half underway, and how will Seattle respond, losing at home to Philadelphia? With four matches to play for Seattle for that last playoff spot. Lletget's long switch for Alessandrini-- Leerdam, who I understand is on his way out, mishit that ball, and Boateng at the doorstep. It's over the line. The assistant referee has flagged it. It's 3-0 for the Galaxy. It is a disaster for Seattle.

COMMENTATOR 2: What this does is it opens Seattle up and forces them to shift across. It's a big mistake by Román Torres. He gets a little bit unfortunate, as the pass here from Alessandrini-- it bounces off. That's a big mistake from Torres in the end. But how about Boateng? He follows up the plays-- right play, right time. It's on the doorstep for Stefan Frei, but it's in the back of the net.

COMMENTATOR 1: --have to get their business done beforehand. Otherwise, they are going to be sitting and watching and praying things go their way. Ruidiaz able to turn on Romney. They give him the space. He lets fly, and Bingham able to cover up what is his first save all day in the 67th minute.

COMMENTATOR 2: Look what we can do-- stay focused, stay in the game, be hard to score against defensively.