Hear from Alex Morgan after her hat trick against Japan | 2018 TOURNAMENT OF NATIONS

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Hear from Alex Morgan after her hat trick against Japan.

- Welcome back. We are joined by the captain, Alex Morgan. Congratulations on your fourth career hat trick. What a game for you. It seems like this road to France is really getting started off on the right foot.

- Yeah. This is such a great tournament for us to prepare for the qualifiers coming up in October. I mean, three very different teams. So we started off on a good note.

- Alex, we've talked about this before. The chemistry that you and Megan Rapinoe have. And it keeps getting better and stronger. How does that feel? And what do you need to do to make sure it keeps on going?

- I mean, it's working right now. Me and Pino are just connecting. And I feel like she's super unpredictable. But I read her really well. And so she just puts the ball in good spots. And I try to put them away for her. And she gets some of her own as well, which is great.

- Yeah. It's great. Takeaways from Japan in this game leading into a big game, a rematch game against Australia.

- Yeah. I think we played well. And obviously Japan is a team that's going to possess the ball a lot. I'm not sure of the numbers. But I feel like a lot of times are we were defending. And sometimes we sure of the time that we are going to get the ball, the time they were going to turn it over.

But when they did, I feel like we took advantage of that. And we're really good on the counter. And I feel like we exercised that today really well. And stayed in it defensively. So really proud of the girls for doing that. And staying in it. Because it's not easy going side-to-side sometimes.

- And we really saw a big explosion and turn around from this team in the second half. What did you like about the adjustments your team made heading in to the second 45?

- Yeah. I think it was great. I think we had great energy. We kept the ball a lot more. And obviously, just to seal off the win after they got that second goal, we went into more of a five back.

And after that I feel like we just controlled the game from there. So it was a good way to close out the game. And the subs who came on were great.

- Alex, thank you so much for joining us. And congratulations on picking up this win.

- Thanks.