Watch all three of Alex Morgan’s goals vs. Japan in the Tournament of Nations

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Watch all three of Alex Morgan’s goals versus Japan in the Tournament of Nations

COMMENTATOR 1: Press. Rapinoe in. Played it back, and there's Morgan. Another goal for Alex, and the US leads.

COMMENTATOR 2: Jill Ellis talked about transition moments and how the US want to take advantage of them today. Well, they come storming down. Rapinoe's patient with her spacing and allows that passing channel just to remain enough for the ball to slip in stride.

And then she sees Alex Morgan. That's the only spot Rapinoe can put it because of the pressure. It's so tight. Alex Morgan has to make that near post run, beats her player there, and then just slots it right by Yamashita at that near post.

COMMENTATOR 1: The cross settled, chipped, nodded down. There the one. 2-1. Alex Morgan has two.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well, this play all starts with Julie Ertz picking up a second ball. We think of Japan as a team that's so organized to pick up that second ball underneath. It's Ertz that wins it.

It's on this next attack. Horan gets it outside to Dunn. She lays that all the way across. It's a brilliant ball, in fact, because there's a few players floating into that space.

And then the put back ball. Alex Morgan just pulls off that center back. And it's this one by Emily Sonnett. Good awareness to take that touch, to bring it down.

I think she wanted to have a go initially first time, but Christen Press was in front of her. And then she just lays that back across.

COMMENTATOR 1: Heath trying to find space in the wing. Kept that ball in play nicely. 1 v. 2 at the moment.

Look at that. Heath playing it in. Blocked. Morgan, off the post and in. Hat trick for Alex Morgan.

COMMENTATOR 2: And I think that's your answer, JP. You just saw what Tobin Heath brings to a game. First she did opt to go down the flank, take two players on with the long touch. You don't think about that with Tobin Heath, using pace to get in behind.

But then here, when she sizes two players up, she knows the cover's inside. So she's gonna take her around the outside. Gets her to bite, draws her in, and then walks that tightrope. Slides it across, and then Alex Morgan does the rest.

Here's that little touch just to maintain that ball, that angle. The deflection lands fortuitously at Alex Morgan's feet, and then she roofs that one with her left. The tight touches by Tobin Heath to draw that defender in. You get her to bite, and then you scoot on by.