Senegal scores on a nifty sequence to take a 2-1 lead

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What a goal! Sponsored by adidas.

COMMENTATOR 1: Delicate ball sent in. To Sabaly from Mané. Sabaly in front, and there was a touch. Now with the back post, and Senegal crashing the back post! And the youngster smashes it in! Senegal in the 71st minute have regained the lead! Moussa Wague! Oh, what a moment he'll remember.

COMMENTATOR 2: There was confusion. There was movement. There was bodies. Senegal do what they do best. They put you under pressure. Just watch at the top of the screen. Just watching the space there. He comes in, no one marking him. They switch off.

They just drive it across the penalty area. Nice bit of footwork. And how about that for the youngster? Just tees up nicely. All he's thinking now is get it on target.