Jump on the Wagen: Alexi Lalas is jumping on the Set Piece bandwagon

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Alexi Lalas is jumping on the Set Piece bandwagon in Russia.

[TECHNICAL SWOOSH] ROB STONE: Jump on the wagon presented by Volkswagen. Big Red?

- Rob, did you know that a set piece is to soccer what water is to life? You need it to survive. But it can kill you. This has been a set piece orgy at this World Cup. And I love every minute. I am jumping on the set piece wagon. There are many people that say I've been driving it for a long time. But this one in this particular World Cup is phenomenal. They just keep coming. Everywhere you look, there is a set piece goal. And I love all of them.

ROB STONE: 45% of the goals so far at the World Cup, courtesy of set pieces, that's 19 of the 42 goals, eight from the penalty spot, four direct kicks, four off corner kicks, and then three off of set pieces could be lumped in, knocked down, dropped in.

- They all count.

- They all do. Day of upsets in the books.