Sadio Mane capitalizes on early Roma mistake | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Sadio Mane gives Liverpool 1-0 lead against Roma.

[CROWD CHEERING] COMMENTATOR 1: Nainggolan, dangerous ball to middle. Here comes Firmino, Mane to his left, Milner to his right, Salah in support. It's in for Sadio Mane! Took him less than nine minutes. Ninth goal in the Champions League for Sadio Mane. And now the mountain to climb is that much taller for Roma.

COMMENTATOR 2: And what a perfect start for Liverpool. Soak up some pressure early and wait for your opportunity. I just look at the efficiency. It's the timing of the pass from Firmino, right into the path of Mane. It allows him to take that first touch out in front of his body. And then the finish, with the left foot just so calm. Passing it past Alisson, and Nainggolan had his hands over his head because he knows that they were punished there, and that just makes Roma's task that much harder. What a start for Liverpool Football Club.