United States vs. Mexico | 2018 Women’s International Friendly Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between the United States and Mexico.

KATE ABDO: What you're seeing here, you're very popular in this corner, by the way, they seem to like you. And it made a strong start, Leslie.

LESLIE OSBORNE: Yeah, and Mallory Pugh, Megan Rapinoe finds Mallory Pugh running behind the back line. Mallory Pugh is so good, one v one, recognizes Santiago coming out, easy move past her and just slides it through.

KATE ABDO: There were a couple of wobbles though.

LESLIE OSBORNE: Well yeah, and Jane Campbell's backing up into goal. Ocampo, inswinger goal from Mexico, makes it look super easy. Not good enough on our end. And then the same thing happens. The US doesn't respond well, and this time it's Palacios. And Megan Rapinoe, her outswinger, Lindsey Horan, rises high and above, just gets her head on it.

KATE ABDO: Yeah, it was a quick response from the US. Just talk us through your goal as well, Carli.

CARLI LLOYD: Well, I mean obviously, Megan Rapinoe put in a good ball. Lindsey, played it. Alex played it. And then I was there to kind of, get the one yard header off the line. But, you know, if I couldn't get the goal in New Jersey, getting in Houston was pretty special.

LESLIE OSBORNE: Well Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan were active all night. Megan Rapinoe finds herself wide open on that outspace, and what an unselfish pass. Finds Morgan, all she has to do is slip that in.

KATE ABDO: And, Rapinoe with a beautiful shot from a distance here in this goal as well, Carli.

CARLI LLOYD: Yeah, this one was a nice one. Good read on her. Good leftie finesse in there. Great goals overall.

KATE ABDO: Absolutely. Alex Morgan with her fourth in two games, as well.

LESLIE OSBORNE: Well Megan Rapinoe, her balls are so dangerous, finds a wide open Alex Morgan that just has to slip that in.

- It is a big scoreline. 6-2 the final score. Then you scored a goal, which meant that you scored your 100th goal for the US women's national team. It is an incredible mark to hit, there are very few other players to have done that. You're one of six players who have done that. Just, does hitting that mark make you now reflect on your journey to get to that point, and what does it make you feel?

- Yeah, I mean, it's obviously a great milestone. But I've got a lot of things that I still want to accomplish left in my career. You know, to look back on where I started in 2005 to kind of the player I've become. You don't very often get to kind of sit back and reflect because you're always waiting for that next big thing. So, it's pretty cool, it's an honor, but as people know me, I'm moving on to the next.

- Jill Ellis has brought in some new and young fresh faces, giving some debuts tonight. Did you have any words of wisdom for them? And do you remember your first debut?

- My first debut, I was incredibly nervous. I was almost out of breath when I went out on to the pitch. I know for some of these players, they played in youth World Cups and they've had that experience, which is great and fantastic. So, it's just about kind of making them feel comfortable. Encouraging them to try. If they make a mistake, it doesn't matter. So, I thought, you know, some great, great substitutions that came on. Some of the young players, they did well and it was great to get their first cap.

- Yeah. Speaking of veterans. You, Morgan, Rapinoe. You guys are playing so well. Especially Megan Rapinoe tonight. Four assists. Can you talk about what's impressed you most about her play?

- Well, you know I've enjoyed playing with Megan. She's a phenomenal player. She's a competitor. She's a finesse player. She's someone who you want on your team. And you know, just to see her kind of go through the journey that she's had. Obviously, in the Olympics, her knee. Hurting her knee and then just kind of coming back from that. I think it says a lot about her. She's on a great run, she's doing well, and I hope she can kind of keep her form.