Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Augsburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between Borussia Dortmund and FC Augsburg.

- From a rather empty stadium. Gentlemen--

- Yeah it was empty, but look to Dortmund in the first 45 minutes. They were lively. Reus to Gotze. Schurrle does well here. Keeps him on side. Didn't really do this enough for me, though. Particularly in the second half, as he's tucking in. And a delightful little chip to gun it. I didn't expect him to go and get three, four after 16 minutes' play. But it wasn't going to happen.

- Yeah. You know what I'm going to protest? I'm going to protest Borussia Dortmund taking their foot off the pedal, and the defending on that corner kick. Horrible, as Danso gets in.

- Yeah, they have to have-- they didn't really. I mean, also a great credit. They defended well. It's a big point for them, and two points left at home for Dortmund in front of their fans.