Dortmund showed Bayern Munich too much respect in Der Klassiker

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Kate Abdo, Jovan Kirovski and Ian Joy break down Borussia Dortmund's 3-1 loss to Bayern Munich.

- Hello, Kate Abdo, Ian Joy, Jovan Kirovski with you here. A huge weekend of course in the Bundesliga with Der Klassiker, always the biggest game of the season, this time being played in Dortmund. And just a disappointing result for them, wasn't it, Jovan?

- Massively disappointing. Especially going into this game, they needed something, they needed a result. And defensively, they've had trouble through the last five or six games and they did it again today. They started well. They created a few chances.

But again, in the box, too much space. They allowed Bayern Munich to go up early in the first 15 minutes. And then after that it was just downhill. Three goals, 3-0. It's-- terrible result.

- Is Peter Bosz not learning from his mistakes?

- His tactics, I think his tactics, initially, were OK in the first half, what he tried to do.

- You do? Because I think Ian disagrees.

- I think they were. I think he couldn't go all out, pressing against Bayern Munich. I think he was a little bit more conservative, a different approach. The goals they conceded were goals where a defender in the box, man-to-man. That's basic defending. It wasn't because of the counter or in transition.

IAN JOY: How did the tactics work out for them in the first half?

JOVAN KIROVSKI: No, they conceded the goals. No, they conceded goals, but it's not-- it wasn't about pressing and losing the ball in transition, it was about man-to-man in the box, mark your man.

IAN JOY: I'll respectfully disagree as far as tactics go, because I would have liked to have seen Borussia Dortmund be more aggressive. In midfield, they sat back, so their four-man or three-man midfield was far too deep. They showed a little bit too much respect. Bayern Munich had 61% possession. And you know, playing at the Westfalenstadion against Bayern Munich, you can't show too much respect to Bayern, because they'll punish you.

Bayern took their chances. Borussia Dortmund created some good chances but didn't take them. And defensive errors, on top of Jovan's point, are continuing to hurt this Borussia Dortmund side. If you want to challenge for the title, you've got to have a solid defense and they haven't had that for a while.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: But going into the game, their problem was pressing, pressing, pressing, conceding on the break. So imagine against Bayern Munich, I could see his thought process. He would be afraid to concede on the break, but it didn't work either way.

IAN JOY: I was disappointed though, Jovan, because I expected a lot more from Peter Bosz. He went with a very talented team, and he made some big changes. He left out Philipp from the complete squad, and of course Dahoud, also out of the squad.

Went with Christian Pulisic, who was excellent in this game today. He created chances. Yarmolenko looked pretty good, but should have taken his chances. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was non-existent.

And in a game like this, in Der Klassiker, you both know there, having lived in Germany, this is the game. This is the Cup Final for everybody all around the world watching the Bundesliga. Everyone's paying attention to this. You got to turn up. And I think I was really disappointed with Aubameyang today. He let his team down.

- At the end of it, Bayern Munich is just more quality. At the end of it, they have more quality.

- So to end on a positive note, title race over, Ian?

- I think the title race is not yet over because Leipzig will come back. They haven't yet reached their peak. And I think they're not too far behind.

KATE ABDO: But Borrussia Dortmund are out of it.

- Borussia Dortmund, if they continue in this manner, I mean, there's no chance.

- Yeah, I don't think Borussia Dortmund's in it. I think defensively, they're just weak. They don't have enough. But Leipzig, on the other hand, is very positive.

- Jovan's been mean today. This is a new Jovan that we're seeing.

- Is it the beard?

- I like it. I like it.

- Have a shave or something.

- All right, thank you, guys. Well, Borussia Dortmund, they're going to return to action on Friday, November the 17th. Got the international break in between of course. The Black and Yellows are going to kick off round 12 of the Bundesliga against Stuttgart, whilst Bayern will welcome the Bavarian rivals, Augsburg to the Allianz arena the following day.