DC United vs. New York Red Bulls | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between DC United and New York Red Bulls.

ANNOUNCER 1: From RFK Stadium, one more time for DC United. Welcome to the finale of DC United at RFK stadium. And fittingly, this afternoon, DC United will take on their arch rival-- the New York Red Bulls. It is the 347th regular season match in DC United history and certainly, for many, the most special. First of all, for DC United it's Ben Olsen once again, with one more victory in 2017.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, you can see Paul Arriola back on the right side, Zoltan Stieber. Again, DC United, like Devon just mentioned, is going onto a high press, high energy. This team is ready to play. They want to close out RFK the way it should be done.

ANNOUNCER 1: The New York Red Bulls, how they will line up. Now this is a team, really, with nothing to play for. They're six in the Eastern Conference. That's going to be their position. And as expected, Jesse Marsch-- they're kind of playing for the playoffs, so to speak.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah. A lot of new players rotating, trying to keep his starters fresh. Just look at Veron. He's a crafty forward, very speedy. Look for him to try to stretch the back line of DC United.

ANNOUNCER 1: Canouse for Stieber, Stieber looking for Mullins. That put off Murillo. And potential for an own goal-- it'll be a corner kick.

Stieber and Acosta trying to link up. Arriola, Acosta, DeLeon-- oh! Nice DeLeon. Would have been a special one. Acosta going at Murillo. Acosta, Arriola-- it's in the net! It's in the net!


It's in the net! Oh! Arriola's first goal for DC United! And the first on the final day at RFK!

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, the booth is really shaking right now, Dave! That's a terrific goal from the team in black!

ANNOUNCER 1: Murillo steps up. Murillo to back heel by Keita. Murillo, for Keita, for Murillo-- oh! It's in the net! Wonderful stuff by the Red Bulls, it must be said. That's the equalizer and a bit of magic. He kicked it and Murillo--

ANNOUNCER 2: You said they were looking more confident.

ANNOUNCER 1: And an equalizer.

ANNOUNCER 2: And this is just a brilliant goal from the Red Bulls. Look at the little flick into his path. Knowing where he is-- the composure-- just to have a little touch over Clark. That's your center back, right there, being the play maker and being the goal scorer. It's a brilliant goal. I could watch this over and over, as a soccer fan. The little flick, plays it back to him, continues his run, he's not marked. Look at-- look at that composure, Dave.


ANNOUNCER 2: The center back inside the six.

ANNOUNCER 1: Michael Amir Murillo-- his second goal of the year-- has tied it up. Muyl for Bezecourt, Bezecourt the back heel for Alex Muyl-- this could be trouble! Clark takes a lodge! It's in the net! Veron-- Gonzalo Veron is able to escort it home, past Steve Clark. And the Red Bulls suddenly up 2-1.

ANNOUNCER 2: A little fortunate. Not sure he knew too much about it, but that's what happens when you put yourself in a good position.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is Davis, Bezecourt, went off Robinson. And it's a penalty kick because of a handball.

Gonzalo Veron. The approach and Clark-- the save!


ANNOUNCER 2: That's a strong state from Clark.

ANNOUNCER 1: And that's it. Last call at RFK turned out to be a wrong number for DC United and a 2-1 loss to the Red Bulls. But it turned out to be just right with the atmosphere and the large crowd. So we say goodbye to RFK. It's been such a wonderful home. It introduced us to soccer, in the '60s and '70s.

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