San Jose Earthquakes vs. Minnesota | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between San Jose Earthquakes and Minnesota United FC

ANNOUNCER 1: Chris Leitch and the Quakes.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. 4-2, 3-1 for Chris Leitch's Quakes. It's the same line up again-- three games in a row now. That's key at this time of the year. 4-2, 3-1 for Adrian Heath's Minnesota United FC. Also Kevin Molino-- he's the star of the team and their midfielder. He's the creator. And Christian Ramirez leads the team with 14 goals.

ANNOUNCER 3: But it's intercepted.

And another chance. This is Wondolowski. Wondo shot-- oh! It's turned aside by Shuttleworth.

ANNOUNCER 2: Certainly, they do seem to be the better organized and a little bit more dangerous team. Daniel was talking about Leitch wanting that ball over with the top. And Danny Hoesen-- it looks like he's got a yard of pace on these two guys.

ANNOUNCER 3: Danny Hoesen getting in behind. One-on-one against Shuttleworth!


Goal! San Jose!

1-0 Earthquakes!

ANNOUNCER 2: But so much good work here by Danny Hoesen to read the game, brave to get the touch, and then the composure and the ability to slot it past Bobby Shuttleworth. A really good, center forward's goal to put the Quakes 1-0 up.

ANNOUNCER 3: Finlay cutting it back. Somehow, Shea got a toe to it. Thiesson-- the shot!

The left-footed laser!


And we're tied at 1.

ANNOUNCER 2: From this type of distance, with this type of velocity, you just got to say what a good goal that was.

ANNOUNCER 3: Now that's what we're for, right?

ANNOUNCER 1: You got it.

ANNOUNCER 3: Earthquakes, Danny Hoesen sliding it in front! What-- oh, baby!

Goal! San Jose! 2-1 Earthquakes!

ANNOUNCER 2: He really doesn't have second thought. He takes a touch and whips it into that space where Chris Wondolowski can do the rest. And he calmly slotted it past Bobby Shuttleworth. But that is just a world-class, first time, early cross into a good space by Danny Hoesen to create the goal for Wondo.

The goal and an assist.

ANNOUNCER 3: Swinger, headed across, and front, and in!

The cross bar and down!

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. It's Calvo going, in the end, to this one. And the header went over the top of Andrew Tarbell-- a looping header that went over the top. Flo Jungwirth tried to keep it out of the goal.

ANNOUNCER 3: Victor chesting it down, heading it for Quincy. Quincy puts a foot to it! Wondolowski-- goal! San Jose!


Oh, the celebration here, at Avaya! Stoppage time. Will that be enough to get the Earthquakes into the playoffs?

ANNOUNCER 2: And the roof comes off this place! The castle erupts erupts! Earthquake fans celebrating Marco Urena!

ANNOUNCER 3: Lost his balance. I imagine we will hear it. And that is it! The Quakes have qualified for the playoffs for the first time since 2012, in exciting fashion! Stoppage time goal from Marco Urena, just moments after coming on. And the crowd here, in Avaya in love with this team.

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