Timo Werner header equalizes for RB Leipzig vs. Freiburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

Timo Werner makes it 1-1 for Leipzig against Freiburg.

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ANNOUNCER 1: --same in the end. A good bright start. This is good.

Look at the atmosphere now. Wherever it's a shot on target. The fans are up in the corner, set piece.

ANNOUNCER 2: From Forsberg, it's in there! It's the equalizer from Timo Werner!

And it had to be! 21 goals last season! He opens Leipzig's scoring accounting this one. The perfect repost for the home team.

ANNOUNCER 1: Two things. Delivery is excellent, timing to the right. He gets in front of his defender and tucks it. And again, no one at the far post. But that is a wonderful delivered ball.

And it's a-- it's a goal scorer's finish. He just knows that he just needs a deft touch at the far post. No one on the far post to clear that way. And start at the second half well.

They get a shot, get a corner. Get the fans involved. And now they've got a spark from their leader, Maxwell.

ANNOUNCER 2: And a very different complexion to the game. They've been knocking on the door.

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