Theo Walcott broke a weird Lionel Messi record

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Just about anything can be a record. It doesn’t matter how random it is or how little usefulness it has in everyday life, a record is still a record.

Lionel Messi holds a lot of them and his records tend to be pretty legitimate in the world of soccer. But one you probably didn’t know he once held was controlling a ball dropped from the highest known altitude. Not anymore, though.

As you can see, Theo Walcott controls a ball dropped from 34 meters, far outdoing Messi’s previous record of 18 meters that he once performed while promoting a Japanese television show. That record was beaten once before by a freestyler, but Walcott can now lay claim to Messi’s former record.

Laurent Koscielny, Francis Coquelin and Nacho Monreal were also on-hand for the challenge to try to beat out the standing record, but Walcott did it the best and a judge from the Guinness Book of Records was there to certify Walcott’s feat.

Will Walcott, Messi or anyone need to control a ball from that high in the air during a match? No, probably not. But a record is still a record.