This ridiculous flop is almost too cringe-worthy to watch

Borussia Dortmund lost 2-1 against Hertha Berlin on Saturday, but all eyes are on a disgraceful acting job from Hertha’s Mitchell Weiser late in the match. Just watch this pathetic dive from the Hertha defender.

What? How? Why? Let’s look at the chain of events here:

1. Niklas Stark fouls Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele

2. Mitchell Weiser picks up the ball and booms it downfield after the referee has blown his whistle

3. Dembele attempts to stop this action, nearly gets kicked and slips and maybe makes a fraction of contact with Weiser

4. Weiser falls to the ground like Dembele slammed a railroad spike through his foot

5. Both players get yellow cards

It all happens right in front of referee Robert Hartmann, too. What was he looking at? It’s utterly ridiculous.

The injustice goes even further, too. The unwarranted yellow means Dembele will miss Dortmund’s next due to yellow card accumulation. BVB should appeal the card and it should be rescinded, but that doesn’t do anything to deter players from pulling theatrics like Weiser did.

Whether it’s retrospective yellow cards for simulation or some other form of punishment, something course of action needs to be figured out.