Tony Gonzalez: Case Keenum is a franchise QB

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Tony Gonzalez thinks the Minnesota Vikings are a Super Bowl contender and that Case Keenum is a franchise QB.

- You know he keeps adding to his legend, I believe. Case Keenum. You just talked about it, Colin. This guy, you know,

- I like Case.

- We don't want to wrap our arms around him just because of the way he's played in the past. But right now, he's the-- he is playing outstanding football. And I said it a couple of weeks ago. He's like that satellite that's going around the moon, and he's got to come back, but he's not coming back. He's a franchise quarterback. And they got a really good football team. This could be a team that could play in the Super Bowl.

- And while you're in the NFC North, I want to talk about the Detroit Lions. This is a team with playoff hopes hanging in the balance. Surely has the talent to make it. But if something is gonna happen, it has to happen fast. Time is running out for Jim Caldwell's sake. I would love to see this team make it, but they're going to need a miracle to happen.

CHARISSA THOMPSON: It's always an issue of putting it all together.