Twitter Explodes After Jared Goff is Named Rams Starter

With big news comes big reactions, and that’s exactly what we saw on Twitter after it was announced that Jared Goff would start Sunday for the Los Angeles Rams.

A report by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen saying the Los Angeles Rams were making the switch to Jared Goff in Week 11 set the NFL world on fire.

Here’s the original tweet from Mort:

The news was surprising considering Rams head coach Jeff Fisher announced just yesterday that Case Keenum was still the team’s starter.

The Reaction

ESPN Stats & Info dropped some knowledge on just how bad the Rams’ quarterbacks have been the past two seasons:

NFL Network’s Adam Rank doesn’t think very highly of the move:

Talk about optimism:

Jeff Fisher’s motives for going to Goff now were questioned:

The Rams are hoping they get a lot of this out of Goff:

One fan doesn’t plan on selling his season tickets anymore. Smart guy:

Can Goff keep Kenny Britt’s great season going, while also helping Tavon Austin to get involved?

Cue the funny gifs, please

And the rest of it

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