Could Tom Brady become the next Drew Bledsoe?

Tom Brady's suspension could pave the way for a Jimmy Garoppolo take-over much like Tom's of Drew Bledsoe.
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By Carl Pfeiffer

I am not sure if you’ve heard, but Tommy-boy Brady has been implicated in DeflateGate. Hell, even Tucker Carlson has weighed in on the whole topic. And, of course, that idiot thinks we are all against poor Tom and we are jealous of his success. Yeah that’s right, Tucker we hate success. That’s why you see all this hate for Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. How about you stick to politics and leave the sports to us. Anyway, the rest of us agree that Brady is guilty of knowing all about the tampering with, and manipulation, of his balls.

So now all we are waiting for is what Roger Goodell is going to do. Smart money says that Brady’s going to get an eight-game timeout, appeal it and still sit out six to eight games. I am betting (and honestly praying) Goodell will come down hard on Brady, and Tommy is going to be a spectator for all of September and most of October. I hope it all means that the Patriots fall apart. and at the half-way point are 2-6 and hopelessly out of the playoffs.

Smart money says they won’t be. What if Bill Belichick really is a genius and the greatest coach of all time? It would still make him evil and a cheat, but what if? What if this second year kid Jimmy Garopollo goes to mini-camp, training camp and the preseason getting all the first team snaps? What if he starts the season and actually plays pretty well? Not MVP-like, but good: Has an 80 QBR, throws for 1700 or so yards, has a stat line of 11 or 12 TDs and 3 or 4 Ints, and the Patriots are tied with the Bills atop the AFC East with a 6-2 record?

Now the 38-year-old, cheating QB with the small hands and the big smug grin returns. What does Belichick do? Well let’s ask Drew Bledsoe. Once a upon a time, Bledsoe was in the prime of his career, had led the Patriots to a Super Bowl appearance, was a pro-bowler, the owner of a $100 million contract and a fan favorite from Providence to Bangor Maine.

Then he went down in Week 2 against the Jets, and Mr. Nobody, sixth-round pick Tom Brady came into the game … and started winning. He didn’t put up gaudy stats; he wasn’t lighting the NFL on fire a-la Kurt Warner in 1999, but he was winning. Next thing you know Bledsoe is healthy, ready to go and Belichick came to the mic and, in his trademark monotone dribble, announced that Tom Brady was the Patriots starting quarterback, and Bledsoe now owned the title of the world’s highest paid back-up.

He rode the bench for the rest of the season, watched a star being born in Brady and a year later was shuffled off to (you remember) Buffalo.

Could we have seen the last of Brady? Does anybody really believe that Belichick has an ounce of loyalty to Brady? Does Brady think Belichick has an ounce of loyalty to Brady? If he does he might want to check with Lawyer Malloy and Richard Seymour. Two guys who helped Belichick become well … Belichick and were shipped out of Boston with not so much as a hug or a handshake.

Could we have seen the end of Tom Brady?

I don’t know but I bet Drew Bledsoe is sitting somewhere smiling at the possibilities.

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