2017 NFL Draft: San Diego State Nico Siragusa Scouting Report

San Diego State’s Nico Siragusa is a thick and powerful offensive line prospect who should come off the board in the middle of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Nico Siragusa has a powerful build including a thick lower half and a barrel chest. His size helps him absorb contact and hold at the point of attack. This is someone that will best fit a power running offensive attack. He’s a guard prospect only because he lacks the fluidity to hold up in space.

For his size, Siragusa quickly gets off the line of scrimmage and into the defender. He also shows the ability to work to the second level. His initial burst helps him seal defenders from the play and also initial contact.

He does need to work on rolling his hips into the defender and showing more explosive power. Improving his punch would help him become a more effective run blocker.

Siragusa also needs to do a better job Velcroing to his target. He is able to quickly gain inside hands, but struggles to sustain his blocks. This allows the defender to disengage and work his way to the ball carrier.

As a pass blocker, Siragusa uses his size and balance to anchor at the point of attack. He keeps a wide base and takes balanced steps to mirror the rush. His ability to absorb contact and hold his ground helps keep pressure out of the quarterback’s face.

There’s a lot of upside here if Siragusa makes some small adjustments. He has enough natural ability to push for a starting job early in his career even if he is slow to improve his problem areas.

Current Draft Range: 4th Round

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