Mike Trout threw some shade at the Dallas Cowboys

While the Angels are just under a month from Spring Training, Mike Trout is enjoying the NFL Playoffs. Especially when Dallas loses.

Mike Trout is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. So, naturally, he has a distaste for the Dallas Cowboys. The Philadelphia Dallas rivalry goes back generations. This stems from both team consistently battling each other for the division title throughout the years.

This will remain one of the NFL’s most historic rivalries. It’s one of the best parts of sports. When you see that team that just bothers you lose, you feel great about it. Many Eagles fans boasted royally when the Dallas Cowboys lost the Divisional Playoff game to the Green Bay Packers by a score of 31-34.

Mike Trout is fairly active on social media, and it’s not a bad thing. He gives his fans an inside look at his life and his day-to-day. He also took the opportunity to throw some shade towards the Dallas Cowboys.

What’s also noteworthy is Mike Trout’s tweets about the Philadelphia 76ers, who are seeing success on the basketball court for the first time in a long time. Trout posted a tweet stating his case for Joel Embiid to make the trip to the NBA All-Star game on February 19th, from New Orleans.

Tweeting when your rival loses is a funny way to support your team. I for one celebrated when the Texas Rangers were defeated in last season’s playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles went 7-of-9, finishing fourth place in the NFC East. While the Philadelphia 76ers are 12 and 26 on the season and are five games behind the New York Knicks for third place.

Give Mike Trout credit, he never says anything out of line or negative. Angels fans know that Trout is that superstar player that everyone wants on their team. However, it might be awhile before Cowboys fans forgive him for throwing salt in the wound.

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