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- Going into 2012, playing the US Juniors a couple weeks before that I think helped, because you get to see those players. In Cleveland, I was the number one ranked player at that time. And I said, hey, I would really love to win the US Women's Amateur. And that was just going to my head.

For me to play these USGA events, get outside of my bubble and play in the States, I think that was a big thing.

ANNOUNCER: Lydia Ko is the champion.

- I never wanted something so much in golf. Especially with my mom caddying for me that week, and for her to be there at every moment and just to that last moment. Minji Lee was there as soon as I finished. And I hugged her. And I remember I just started crying. There's just a lot of emotions. And I think it was one of the few times where I started crying from happiness.