Virginia Tech pulls off shocking upset of No. 2 Virginia in OT

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Virginia Tech defied the odds and stunned Virginia 61-60 in Overtime.

ANNOUNCER 1: Shot clock down to 4. Clarke knocks down the 3.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, what do you do about that? And Chris Clarke shoots 33% from 3-point range. So Clarke and Wilson-- both have hit 3's in this first half.

--could lead to a score. But right now, it's just a stop you gotta get.

ANNOUNCER 1: Robinson swings it way out to Alexander-Walker. And that's gonna count.

ANNOUNCER 2: Looked like he walked when he made that pass. But a heck of a find, and what a shot by Alexander-Walker.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hall-- tie game.

It's amazing how few fouls there have been tonight.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, if you counted the fouled called, not the fouls committed.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fair. Bibbs. Blackshear comes up with the rebound, and right back up and in.

ANNOUNCER 2: And neither team has fouled.

ANNOUNCER 1: Backdoor cut, Wilson lays it in. Blackshear-- the assist. And it's a 4-point lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: Boy, just a beautiful play. The ball screen slip and backdoor cut by--

ANNOUNCER 1: Shot clock turned off. No timeouts for Virginia, and as Jay said, fouls to give.

ANNOUNCER 2: How could they let him get a shot off?

ANNOUNCER 1: Jerome ties it.

Big screen there by Wilkins. Lot of contact. Guy to the baseline.

ANNOUNCER 2: Virginia Tech may need a timeout here just to get organized.

ANNOUNCER 1: 13 seconds, Virginia Tech coming down looking for the win. Robinson missed it. But Blackshear there with the follow and a foul.

4 seconds, Jerome for the win. And Virginia Tech upsets number 2 Virginia. What an enormous win for Buzz Williams and the Hokies.