Foster lifts Creighton over DePaul 76-75

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Marcus Foster's clutch 3 delivers a 76-75 road win for Creighton over DePaul.

ANNOUNCER 1: See Justin Roberts on the floor for the first time. Alley-oop in to Max Strus.

ANNOUNCER 2: And again, DePaul very adept--

ANNOUNCER 1: Foster with Eli Cain all over him. Strus creating the turnover. Strus up ahead.

ANNOUNCER 2: Did I say, Jeff, that Max Strus wasn't involved?

ANNOUNCER 1: Transition defense has been excellent.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh my goodness.

ANNOUNCER 1: As Foster, my goodness. Three dunks already by Foster.

It might be out there. We just got to find it. Ball really moving now for Creighton. Cross-court pass-- Khyri Thomas rattles that one in. Creighton back in it, down by 6.

The points off turnovers are what really killed. As Maric fires for a 3. Rimmed in and out. Killed DePaul against Butler last time out. Turned it over 23 times, matched a season-high.

ANNOUNCER 2: Gave up 27 points off of those.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Khyri Thomas knocks down a triple.

ANNOUNCER 2: --doesn't want them obviously to get depressed about not being able to capitalize. Backdoor.

ANNOUNCER 1: Beautiful to Marcus Foster. It's been open all night long.

ANNOUNCER 2: No excuse for a guy to be able to save the ball inbounds and still hit a cutter to the basket with no white shirt to be found.

ANNOUNCER 1: Strus finally able to find the bottom on a 3-point shot.

Only size-wise guy that can match up with Maric. Open again. Clement has done it again. Two for his last two.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's only appeared in 14 games.

ANNOUNCER 1: McCallum goes the bench with four fouls. Marcus Foster-- a chance for a 3-point play. Instant offense, Marcus Foster.

ANNOUNCER 2: --Dave Leitao's encouragement to hit back when you're hit and not to fall apart because somebody makes a run.

ANNOUNCER 1: Maric on Hegner.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh my goodness.

ANNOUNCER 1: Maric gives DePaul the lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: Smart basketball.

ANNOUNCER 1: Foster-- 3-- got it! Marcus Foster gives Creighton the 1-point lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: You want a bucket. You go to this guy. And again, just off the dribble, one on one. Had a screen. Didn't really use it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, DePaul a chance to win. 10.6 on the game clock. Maric trying to find some space around Foster. Time winding down. No whistle. Creighton will come away with a win on the road. Marcus Foster with 29, including the game winner.

ANNOUNCER 2: And you kind of know what DePaul was trying to do. Trying to get it to Max Strus. Let him be a decoy if guys had opportunities. But that was just too much ball handling.