No. 21 Xavier shuts down No. 16 Baylor 76-63

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JP Macura and Kaiser Gates both score 19 as Xavier gets a big win over Baylor 76-63.

ANNOUNCER: Xavier really closing out on the defensive boards. Here's Bluiett to Macura.

ANNOUNCER: And they're trying to push it to get a good look early.

ANNOUNCER: There's Madison working on Kaiser Gates.

ANNOUNCER: Macura with the steal with the little rake.

ANNOUNCER: Great help. He loves those.

ANNOUNCER: He likes to gets hit.

ANNOUNCER: And get those possessions going. Macura one at a time. Tough test for Vital now. Number 11 trying to check Macura and [INAUDIBLE] back into that zone.

ANNOUNCER: He can make that.

ANNOUNCER: Yes he can. Too strong, though. What a follow! Great work on the glass by Naji Marshall.

ANNOUNCER: I thought he may have used an arm. Playing in a frenzy right now, Xavier. They got to really control the glass, I think, on a missed shot. That's where they're having trouble.

ANNOUNCER: Maston's really been tough. And can claw away. They're two possessions away from the lead if they can score here.

ANNOUNCER: It's all off the glass too. He's kicked out Clark again. Good help that time on a pitch.

ANNOUNCER: Here's Lecomte on the wing.

ANNOUNCER: Wow. Don't give him space. You've got to hug him.

ANNOUNCER: He's got 15, the youngster on the bench for the Bears.

ANNOUNCER: What a settle here. Wow, off the glass.

ANNOUNCER: The bank is open late in Cincinnati.

ANNOUNCER: Does that give you a little mo?

ANNOUNCER: Here comes the crowd. The lead is up to 10.

ANNOUNCER: Not getting into things quick enough. Nice play. That's one of the fav-- nice help by [INAUDIBLE]. That's called scouting, folks.

ANNOUNCER: Goodin! They need him out there.


ANNOUNCER: Over Acuil. It was rejected. Great hands. And a loose ball taken out of there by McClure. Number--

ANNOUNCER: Nice run.

ANNOUNCER: Vital! Boy did he flow by. Macura touch pass.

ANNOUNCER: Not over him.

ANNOUNCER: Beautiful by Lual-Acuil. Vital again!

ANNOUNCER: It's worth a time out.

ANNOUNCER: Just throw it to the rim and let Vital pay dividend.

ANNOUNCER: Now you want to think intelligently. Run your stuff. Use time unless something really opens up easily. Nice hesitation.

ANNOUNCER: Gates-- bang. Hello! How do you do?

ANNOUNCER: And that's what Goodin's job is.

ANNOUNCER: First defeat for Baylor. Xavier wins it 76 to 63.

- Thank you-- thank you very much, Mike. They're all talking about you in the studio and rightfully so. We walked in here two days ago. You got a little down going for you.

- Yeah.

- Very upset that your performance and the team's as well against Arizona State. You think it helped you a little bit?

- I mean, I think it was good for us. Arizona State's guard really, really got the best of us. And I'm just happy we came out and played together.

We played great team defense. We rebounded. We boxed out. And I couldn't be anymore happy with the team.

- Yeah, I saw you working really hard on the floater. You didn't really need it. They didn't play much of the match-up zone.

- Yeah, I expected them to play a lot of zones. So I was working on my floater a little bit. But they played man to man and we executed-- executed a lot of plays.

INTERVIEWER: There was a play. They overload one side. You were in the corner denying ball side.

They tried the lob, pretty good scouting. And of course the preparation by you. That may have turned this game in your favor.

- Yeah, our coaches do a great job with giving us the information on all the teams. And they said they're going to overload a side and throw it over the top. So I was ready.

- And now Cincinnati. Pretty good rivalry in this city.

- Yeah, yeah, it's going to be exciting. It's going to be great atmosphere. We got one of the best fans in the country. And it's going to be a great game.

- I think Chris will be smiling in the locker room when you go in there. What do you think?

- Yeah, it's going to be great. I mean, any time we play like that as a team, it's a great feeling.

- And great effort. Congratulations. Hard work.

- Thank you. I appreciate it.

- All right. All right, Michael, take it away.