The Miz reveals the motivation for his epic ‘Talking Smack’ promo on Daniel Bryan

It seems like only yesterday The Miz lit the internet on fire with one of the best promos in recent WWE history.

You remember the one. After SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan called The Miz a coward in the ring, the then-Intercontinental Champion unleashed a Hall of Fame-worthy tirade:

The Miz hit so close to home that Bryan stood up and walked away, in an epic moment that solidified The Miz as one of the best in the business and made “Talking Smack” a must-watch program.

In the days leading up to WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, The Miz and Maryse sat down with FOX Sports’ Wrestling Compadres to talk about their match with John Cena and Nikki Bella, the “Total Bellas” parodies, and that epic promo.

The Miz told the Compadres he was giving them a bit of an exclusive by explaining what set him off that night:

THE MIZ: “You guys are getting an exclusive here, I don’t think I’ve ever told this. So here was my day up to that point: I wasn’t written on the episode that day and I’m the Intercontinental champion. This is the title that I’ve loved since I was a child, and I don’t want to be the guy who says, ‘I’m going to make it great,’ and then not do anything. I want to make it great.

“So I told them to put me on ‘Talking Smack.’ They asked, ‘Well what are you going to do?’ And I said I’m going to rip into Daniel Bryan. And then I guess I kind of went overboard. And when I go, I have no filter. It’s everything that is fueling inside of me and I just black out.'”

Now, he understands why people enjoyed the promo, but The Miz said his reaction was genuine — and his rage made delivering that solid gold segment difficult:

THE MIZ: “I was like, wait a second. I’m the guy that’s always here, doing everything, doing the stuff that you don’t want to do or that John [Cena] doesn’t want to do, and I don’t get injured.

“And people compliment me on what I said, but I was so angry that it was difficult to even speak.”

Speaking of John Cena, Maryse criticized the 16-time champion for his suggestion you can’t find her matches because they happened so long ago:

MARYSE: “If you go on the network right now, you’ll see 20 matches of me kicking Nikki Bella’s butt. John saying I did nothing was crapping on every woman of my generation who was fighting for something.”

Maryse also revealed the “Total Bellas [Expletive]” parodies were largely improvised, which comes as no surprise:

MARYSE: “A lot of it was completely improvised.”

THE MIZ: “I would just think to myself, OK how would John Cena come through a door? And then I literally ran two steps.”

Oh, and as for Bryan? The Miz indicated his reaction to the “Talking Smack” promo wasn’t exactly scripted:

THE MIZ: “He actually left. I didn’t expect him to leave — I expected him to hit me. The things I was laying in to him on were very below the belt and very mean and very rude, but when I go, I just go.”

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