WWE Champion Drew McIntyre def. Seth Rollins

ORLANDO, Fla. – Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins went to war, but even The Monday Night Messiah’s A-game wasn’t enough to dethrone the WWE Champion, and The Scottish Terminator prevailed after a back-and-forth classic. 

McIntyre asserted his dominance early, pummeling Rollins and making use of his significant strength advantage until Rollins dropkicked his left knee twice in a row. High-risk calculations paid off for The Monday Night Messiah, who hit a tope suicida and successive knees to the head, including one from the top of the commentary table.

Overcome with frustration when McIntyre refused to lose — he twice kicked out at the count of one after a superkick and a frog splash – Rollins considered using a chair before refocusing. Not even a superplex followed by a Falcon Arrow and a Stomp was enough to keep the champion down.

The finale was befitting of a true heavyweight epic. McIntyre countered a second Stomp attempt with a Glasgow Kiss before Rollins answered with a superkick. Somehow, though, McIntyre still had the wherewithal to hit a Claymore to finally put Rollins away.  

Despite the bad blood leading up to the encounter, it was clear that The Monday Night Messiah had won McIntyre’s respect. The WWE Champion offered him a handshake afterward, which Rollins hesitantly accepted.