WWE 205 Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for January 10

WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann returns to action when he faces Tony Nese on this week’s 205 Live.

This past Monday on Raw WWE announced two matches for this week’s 205 Live. Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar will attempt to settle their personal differences. Also, Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann makes his return following the beat down he received from Neville to take on Tony Nese.

Cedric Alexander w/ Alicia Fox vs. Noam Dar

Result: Noam dar defeated Cedric Alexander via pinfall.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The match started out with Noam Dar trying to shake Cedric Alexander, Alexander refused. Cedric Alexander came out fast with stiff strikes and maneuvers. Momentum switched when Cedric Alexander went for a springboard back elbow and got caught with a kick to the midsection from Dar.

Shortly after this Dar went to work on Alexander’s right arm to counteract his strikes. Alexander appeared to regain control of the match with a spinning back elbow but was caught in an arm bar after a springboard dive. Dar continued to work the arm, pinning Cedric’s arm between the ring apron and the steel steps. Alicia Fox intervened and Alexander took advantage of the distraction. Dar blocked a Lumbar Check attempt by Alexander but was instead caught with a springboard enziguri. Alexander went to the top rope and tried hitting Dar with a moonsault until Alicia Fox moved Dar out of the way. Dar took advantage with a running kick to the head to secure the victory.

Following the match, there was another Akira Tozawa promo featuring commentary from Kalisto.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Sean Maluta

Result: The Brian Kendrick defeated Sean Maluta via submission.
Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 5 stars

Brian Kendrick starts out by addressing what happened between him and Tajiri last week on 205 Live. With Maluta at ringside Kendrick said that “If you lost to Tajiri, you’d be lucky to last 30 seconds with me”. The match starts and Maluta looks or a quick win with a roll up. With Kendrick reeling Maluta continues various pinning combinations. Maluta started out controlling the match for the most part. The match looked to be over when Maluta hit a shining wizard but Kendrick kicked out.

Maluta went for a frog splash off the top rope but Kendrick got his knees up and countered into a roll up. Maluta kicked out at 2 only for Kendrick to transition into the Captain’s Hook for the victory. This match got Kendrick back on track with a win and allowed Maluta to show that he can compete in this division.

Shortly after the match, WWE cut to a backstage segment with Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox. Alexander questions Fox’s loyalty and says that they’re done and leaves the room. Fox would have one of her temper outbursts.

Jack Gallagher and Ariya Davari Parley

The ring is set up like a contract signing. Gallagher and Davari come out and take a seat at the table. Gallagher starts by saying that this has gone long enough and needs to come to an end. Davari calls out Gallagher for surrendering. The Extraordinary Gentleman rebuts by saying he wants things to come to an end, but that it doesn’t have to be peace. Gallagher opens the contract and gives it to Davari. Gallagher challenges to an “I Forfeit” (“I Quit”) Match and Davari accepts. Like most contract signing the two began brawling and had to be separated.

Rich Swann vs Tony Nese

Result: Rich Swann defeated Tony Nese via pinfall.
Rating: 2.7 Stars out of 5 stars

The match starts out with some good back and forth. Swann tried using his quickness and agility to get an advantage over The Premier Athlete. Nese began to work the injured ribs of the champion and got a near fall. Shortly after, Swann regained the momentum and hit Nese with his spinning heel kick.

Swann gets on the mic to say that as long as he’s the champion 205 Live his show, not Neville’s. Neville comes out and reminds Swann that he took him out and that he’s the King of The Cruiserweights. Neville demands a title shot and Rich Swann tells him to name the time and place. Neville says that his official coronation will take place at the Royal Rumble.

The Cruiserweights now have a spot on the huge San Antonio card that could help them get the attention of the casual fans. During the old brand split Cruiserweights were eligible for the Royal Rumble. With the championship match set it’ll be interesting to see what the other Cruiserweights do.

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