How to Build Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 33

A look at how to build towards a more focused feud between Roman Reigns and the Undertaker as Wrestlemania 33 approaches us.

Roman Reigns would garner intense heat from the WWE universe during the Royal Rumble match. First, the big dog would enter the battle royal at number 30, ending the fans’ hopes to see either Samoa Joe or Finn Balor at the rumble. He would then proceed to eliminate none other than the Undertaker – a heavy fan favorite to win the rumble this year; much to the dismay of the crowd.

Roman Reigns facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania could be in the works. Moreover, it could very well be one of the marquee bouts of the night. There is no other professional wrestler as popular and respected as the Undertaker. Reigns on the other end of the spectrum could be defined as an unfortunate wrestler. He hardly receives credit for the good matches he has, often on PPVs. Moreover, despite being a consistent performer, the fans love to hate Reigns.

Many have been waiting for a heel turn for Reigns. It would seem that at this moment in time, people would actually want a Reigns heel turn much more than a Cena heel turn. A feud with the Undertaker could do just that. As always, a slow-burner approach always plays out well when creative is executing a heel turn.

This past week on Raw, Braun Strowman would face Kevin Owens for the universal title. Surprisingly, the crowd was behind Strowman rather strongly during the entire match. However, Reigns would interfere mid-way through the match avenging the events from Royal Rumble. The crowd loved to boo Reigns even as he attacked a still heel-ish Strowman.

The two unstoppable forces of creative’s booking decisions seem to be on a collision course. This might come at Wrestlemania. However, one has to wonder if creative, as well as the fans, would rather have Reigns facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. If that be the case, creative could use the upcoming Fastlane PPV to build towards Reigns vs Strowman.

During the match, as Reigns would look to deliver a spear, the lights could go off. The Undertaker would appear on the ring from out of nowhere and choke slam reigns into the mat. Strowman could then proceed to pick up the pieces and beat Reigns cleanly in the middle of the ring. Creative could either have a disqualification finish here or have this happen when either the referee is down or in a no-disqualification match.

The setup would achieve two things. First, it follows up with the organic storyline that has suddenly developed between Reigns and the Dead Man. This finish could easily build towards a Wrestlemania match. Secondly, this would keep Strowman protected and unpinned to retain his credibility. In an ideal world, that is a win-win for the wrestlers and the fans.

Finally, during the Wrestlemania encounter, Roman Reigns could potentially snap and use some underhand means to win the match. That would establish him as a top heel much to the crowd’s joy. The WWE universe is booing Reigns relentlessly. This way, creative could force them to boo him for all the right reasons.

The Phenom is nearing the end of his long professional wrestling career. He might have a few handful of matches left. An outing against Reigns would be better than against another established veteran or returning legend. A younger performer like Reigns could carry much of the match and get some rub from the match. The story writes itself organically. However, one would have to wait to see if creative would pull the trigger on this one.

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