Best of the 2018 Masters Agility Championship

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See the best highlights of the 2018 Masters Agility Championships

ANNOUNCER: And our next dog up in the eight inch class is Pink, a papillon handled by Howard Carr of East Falmouth, Massachusetts.

HOST 1: These papillons in the past have been very, very good in this eight inch class.

HOST 2: Let's see if Howard and Pink can get this party started. Got the turn there. This is a little quick burst of speed right here. Howard gets in front of PInk. Makes a nice line right there. Trying to get all he can.

HOST 1: I think people are surprised by how quick athletic the papillons are.

HOST 2: You know you think about the herding breads, and you think about the sporting breads, but I'm going to tell you, these small dogs, their athletes. And look at this dog go. You go, Pink.

HOST 1: Trying to beat 39.65.

HOST 2: Got that contact.

HOST 1: He will shatter it. 34.18 for Pink.

ANNOUNCER: Our last dog up in the 16 inch class is Pink, a border collie handled by Jennifer Crank of Baltimore, Ohio.

HOST 1: Now Pink is a young dog, not even three years old. So training a dog only three years old, how rare is it to be this good this fast?

HOST 2: It's just like any rookie. If you think about baseball, sometimes those rookies come up, and they just become a phenom.

HOST 1: This is the Aaron Judge right now of this competition?

HOST 2: Yeah. This is it. This is it.

And you can see why with this opening.

HOST 1: Wow.

HOST 2: Look at that speed.

[BARKING] Pink is singing like Pink.

HOST 1: There we go.

HOST 2: Look at that.

HOST 1: Here we go. Here we go. Get this turn. Hang in there. Hang in there.

HOST 2: Has to beat 31.31. Got it.

HOST 1: I don't think Pink had any trouble with that.

HOST 2: Wow.

HOST 1: Look at that. Look at the love, look at the excitement. Pink is going like, more, more, more. Give me more.

ANNOUNCER: Our next dog up in the 12 inch class is Jefe, an All-American dog handled by Lisa Bruckner of Sebastopol, California.

HOST 1: Jefe, the All-American dog was rescued from under house at 4 and 1/2 weeks old. And how cool is this? It will be four years old on July fourth.

HOST 2: Four and a half weeks old and rescued.

HOST 1: From under a house.

HOST 2: That's just crazy. And Jefe is going. Nice turn there. Watch this teter. . Beautiful Good job. There we go through those weave poles. I mean the athleticism of this dog right now. You can just see, look at the muscles. It's just amazing. These dogs are true athletes.

HOST 1: It's a good run right here. Has to beat 38.7. Get that contact.

HOST 2: Contact. Jefe. Got it.

HOST 1: Won't be four until July 4th. But just took over first place.

ANNOUNCER: And our next dog up in the 12 inch class is Stripper.

HOST 1: Seems to be a little confusion.

HOST 2: Striper?

HOST 1: Striper? Stripper? But look here's that straight line I told you. Some of these hammers needed to set their dog up. This is straight line.

- OK, jump.

HOST 1: Right there. Beautiful.

- Good girl. Come, come. com.

HOST 1: Thank you, Susan, for showing that.

- Jump. Jump. Strip. Strip. Strip. Tunnel. Go, go, go. Jump. Jump.

HOST 2: Stripper has to beat 35.40.

HOST 1: OK. Little casual on that teeter.

- Oh, wait. Wait. Wait. Stripper.

HOST 1: Looking back. Looking back at the judge

- Yeah. Come on , let's go. Ready. Stipper, come on.

HOST 1: Stripper doesn't want to go near the polls.

- It's OK. It's not going to get you. Stripper, come. Come, come, come. Let's go.

HOST 1: No.

- You ready? It's OK. Strip. Strip. [LAUGHTER]

HOST 1: This is great.

- Ready. Ready? Go jump.

HOST 1: No, I'm not going, Mom.

- OK.

HOST 1: Not coming.

- OK, ready? Ready? Ready? Jump, jump, jump. Go jump.

HOST 1: All right, final jump that one.

- Jump.

HOST 2: Come on, Stripper. Come on.

- OK. Come on. OK. Yeah. Good girl. Good girl.

HOST 2: Stripper is just a little freaked out.

- OK. You're OK. You're OK.

HOST 2: And Susan's in there just making her happy. Letting her know It's all OK. The crowd, the cameras, the judge.

- Yeah. Look at this. Poor baby.

ANNOUNCER: And our next dog up in the 12 inch class is Pre a poodle handled by Laura Dolan of Westford, Massachusetts.

HOST 2: I saw Pre earlier today running through the crating area. Pre got out a little bit, but let me tell you, could Pre run? Pre was really running through the area. So, hopefully, Pre saved some of that energy.

HOST 1: Pre, just two years old, been competing only for nine months. We've already seen one young dog, Pink win only also two years old, almost three years. Can we have another youngster win?

HOST 2: Yes, this dog is amazing. This is a real rookie phenom right here. Blind cross into that tunnel. Making sure she gets it. Beautiful blind to the teeter. Into those weave poles. Look at those poles, look at those poles. Get out, don't miss a jump. Get in here tight.

HOST 1: In first through the spilts.

HOST 2: Pushing out that A-frame. Up blind between the tire and number 18. Beautiful jump, very nice handling here.

HOST 1: Here comes Pre. And Pre is the winner.

HOST 2: That was some beautiful handling by Laura. Beautiful handling.

- Awesome. Good for you.

HOST 1: 32.86 seconds. It wasn't even close.

ANNOUNCER: Our next dog up in the 20 inch class is Fame, a border collie, handled by Jessica Ajoux of Sparta, New Jersey.

HOST 1: This is the second day for Jessica Ajoux in this 20 inch class. She ran Bailey, a German short haired pointer. And now a high five here.

HOST 2: Fame is ready to go.

HOST 1: Now remember we saw Shalala miss that yellow contact zone on that dog walk. All these dogs have to get some portion of a paw inside those yellow contacts zones on the way out.

HOST 2: Do you want a dog that's hyper this or very calm before a race?

HOST 1: No, I love hyper. And every single one out here, all these dogs, all these handlers love that energy. They want to see that energy. But once again, they want to see the focus as soon as I say, it's time. We're going to run. Nice and calm now. All that energy says, we're ready to go but focus first. Off we go. Here we go. Nice in, go, go, go.

HOST 2: You can hear the ewws and ahhs here in the crowd.

HOST 1: There is that reverse spin there again. Nice inches. Look at those weave poles. Kick her out, kick her out. Good. She's fine--oh, little wide. Little wide. Going to cost some time, but I don't think it's going to matter.

HOST 2: I don't' think so either. Not the way this dog is going.

HOST 1: That was super nice.

HOST 2: Fame is looking to become famous.

HOST 1: There it is. Wow. Nothing but speed on that one. What a run.

HOST 2: There we go. Whoo hoo.

HOST 1: Just shattered the time set by Carliegh. Over 8 and a half seconds faster.

ANNOUNCER: And our last dog up in the 24 inch class is Kaboom, a border collie handled by Amber McCume of Bedford, New Hampshire.

HOST 1: Trying to defend the championship.

- All right. OK. Go on to the line. We are going to go off in the other direction.

HOST 2: And, unfortunately, with that run around error on jump number two, the door is wide open now for Kaboom.

HOST 1: Kaboom is just waiting. Look at this, just will not leave Amber's side.

And Amber is wearing a knee brace.

HOST 2: Nice run into that tunnel. Stay tight, stay tight. Get the teeter. Get it. Here we go. Weave poles, weave poles, weave poles. Look at that. Get out of my way.

HOST 1: Even slobbering through the weave poles. Like I said, she's not going to be careful. She's still got to push, and she's pushing. Wrong turn. That shouldn't given him a problem.

HOST 2: Has to beat 37.7.

HOST 1: Shouldn't give him a problem. Get the bottom contact.

HOST 2: Here she comes.

HOST 1: [INAUDIBLE] to back champion. That's a happy day and a happy handler. Yes. Hehe. Good times there. Good times.

- Whoo. Yay.