Tobias Harris battles….bumble bee?

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Tobias Harris battled a bee ahead of the Clippers preseason game Wednesday

- I was at my house, and like-- you know, FedEx dropped off a package, so I went to go get it, and I went to lift it up-- and like, I didn't see the bee, or nothing, but it was on the side. And as I went to lift it up, it just stung me, right in my pinky. So I was like-- dang, did the box have, like, a nail sticking out? Then I saw it was a bee. I was actually kind of scared, so I just ran away. But I was so pissed, because like-- I was like, shoot, I didn't know those things could sting that hard. No, I did not cry. Mainly because I was with my girlfriend, so I didn't want to look like-- you know, any type of way. So she was saying I was being dramatic, but I didn't cry.