Game of the Week: Culver City vs. Lawndale (Prime Ticket, 7:30p)

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If you like points, you're going to like seeing Culver City and Lawndale duke it out under the lights Friday

- Hey. This is Greg Biggins, 24/7 Sports, here to preview this week's big Fox Sports West game of the week.


GREG BIGGINS: Two of the most explosive offenses in the whole entire southern section, Culver City, the Centaurs, averaging almost 50 points a game, will take on the Lawndale Cardinals. Culver City, tons of skilled players all over the field, like the young quarterback, Zevi Eckhaus, having a big year, wide receiver Jamal Glaspie, Chris Miller, very talented Allen Smith on both sides of the ball. Very good. I like Josh Ford running it. Khary Crump, on the back end, really touted junior corner, Dominic Tatum, Antonio Marillo upfront, also very good.

With Lawndale, obviously the big name there, Mr. Jordan Wilmore, the USC commit, can take it to the house and score from anywhere on the field. A ton of really good lineman. Sione Tai, very, very good football player. Tuli Tuipulotu to win the best West coast pass rushers in that junior class. Also like some of their defensive backs. Makell Esteen, a junior, Stan Livingstone, both those two guys can absolutely play for anybody out west.

[INAUDIBLE] secondary, Naki Fahina, a captain, very good football player. Big fan also of Ryan Rosser. Talented, talented players all over the field, a lot of points, high scoring game. You do not want to miss. This one should be a fun one. 7:30 Friday night on Prime Ticket.