Doc Rivers and his awesome shirt break down Clippers preseason win

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Doc Rivers breaks down Clippers preseason win

REPORTER: First look at your guys in game action. What'd you think?

- It was nice. You know, the thing is we have so many new guys, even the veterans. So I kind of made a decision tonight, played the veterans a lot of minutes. Next couple of games probably back off and play a lot of, basically, everyone else.

I love playing Australia just because of the way they play. They move the ball. They do such a great job.

They run some sets that you don't see. And I just thought for our defense, it was really good to try to adjust to all the movement, all the shooters. So it was really a good game, good exhibition game for us to play in.

REPORTER: Yeah, they weren't going to go easy. The pre-season is for working out the kinks. What areas do you think you want to improve upon?

- I thought in the first half, even though we had a lot of points, I didn't think we had great spacing. And I didn't think the ball was popping. I thought on the second half, it was fantastic. I thought the floor opened up.

We had a couple of great plays. [INAUDIBLE] got a lay up on one right when he came in the second half mainly because the floor was just wide open in the space. And I thought defensively, you know, obviously, as the game went on we were better, and that was good as well.

REPORTER: What impression [INAUDIBLE] about the Kings?

- I just like how they play. Andrew does a great job. I love their movement.

I love how they play together. It's a fun team to watch play. I don't know if you want to play against them every night because they're pretty good.

REPORTER: And what about Jerome Randle? Was he impressive?

- Oh, he's great. You know, A Chicago kid. What can you say? So-- but I just like that.

I like their whole team. I love how they play together. They execute--

You can see-- and I told our guys before the game, you may have a talent advantage, but they have a continuity advantage. They've been together, and they've played in some games. And they're going to execute their stuff. And it's going to be a challenge for you tonight, and it was.

REPORTER: Can you see yourself playing some Australian teams in the future preseason?

- Yeah, I love it. I love it. I just-- I've always liked the way they've played. And I also like they have this toughness about them as well. And I like that against our guys.

REPORTER: Doc, was there anything that surprised you in terms of some of the new guys that are on this team this year, or maybe even some of the guys that were injured for most of last year?

- Well, Gowe was-- I thought just was passing in the open floor. I mean, you can see in the second half were so much better. In the first half, every time we got a rebound, everybody was coming back to the ball. In the second half, who ever got the rebound, pushed the ball up. And that allowed Gowe to be in the open floor.

When you put Gowe in the open floor, he's pretty special. He's going to make a play. He's going to get fouled.

So I thought that stood out to me as well. I thought the second unit in the first half when they came in changed the tempo of the game. And I thought that was good as well.

REPORTER: What did you make of Pat? He seemed to be a upper defensive player.

- Yeah, Pat, you know, he's just-- him and Avery-- you know, Avery got in foul trouble. But that third quarter, you can see what those two guards-- the havoc that they can create. And I thought that opened the game up for us.

REPORTER: What did you think of Shai's performance tonight?

- He was good. I thought he was uneven. I thought in the first half, he was fantastic. I thought in the second half, he was still catching his breath in the first half. You know, got less informed.

You know, because they don't back off. Teams keep coming. And I think that's a good lesson for him.

REPORTER: It also seemed like Tobias was play-making more tonight. I think he had five or six assists.

- Yeah, it's really nice to see him. I thought Tobias had so many opportunities to score. And instead, he made a play. That's good to see.