Francisco Arcia happy to be first player to pitch, catch and homer in a game

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Francisco Arcia made MLB history Thursday when he became the first player to pitch, catch and hit a home run in the same game. He described to Patrick O'Neal it was a bummer it came in a losing effort, but he is happy to be in the record books nonetheless

- Yesterday after the game, Trout caught the home run ball and give it to me and said like, "Hey, this is your ball for the homer." I said, like, "What it for?" "That's a new record." I said, "Like for what?" "Catcher, pitcher, and hit a homer in the same game." So, you know, I feel happy.

- I know that it comes in a tough loss, and biggest loss in franchise history. Does that take away, for you, anything of that moment?

- Yeah, because, you know, I [INAUDIBLE] play the game, [INAUDIBLE] my teammates. I just play hard. I do whatever they want to put me. I'm taking the chance. I'm doing my best. That's what happened yesterday.

- For you, you almost gave up on your dream of playing professional baseball after 12 years in the minors, and now you have not one, but two, major league baseball records. For your family, for yourself, it truly is remarkable.

- Yeah. I feel really proud of me. I think I'm going to be an example for the young people, or for the people, you know, have like a long history in the bad things. Mostly for myself, I gotta be an example for me, like, never give up, just continue your dream, and do whatever you can do to make them.

- Which record do you not want to see broken forever? Would you like to keep the 10 RBIs in two games, or do you want to keep the pitching, catching, and hitting a home run forever?

- I mean, you know, I don't care. I put my name in the book, like how the people say. I just want to tell other people like, never give up. Just continue with your head up. Do whatever they can do to make it.

- Back home in Venezuela, they must be extremely proud. I imagine this made big news back home.

- Yes. I got my phone.

- Blowing.

- Yes.

- Blowing up.

- Yeah.

- Congratulations. You're back in the lineup. Let's see what else you could do. Make some more history, OK?

- Thank you.