RECAP: Angels 6, Tigers 2 (8/6)

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RECAP: Angels 6, Tigers 2 (8/6)...hear from Angels manager Mike Scioscia postgame

INTERVIEWER: Solid game on the mound, at the plate, but what's it mean to you to see the bottom half of your lineup have this kind of impact?

- Well, we-- I think we pressured them a lot. I think it was great to see, you know, the guys at the bottom do what they did. And, you know, we needed it tonight for sure. A lot of good things. Overcame a couple things that we didn't do real well, and we came out of top.

INTERVIEWER: One of those being Cam Bedrosian coming in in a tough situation. What'd you see from him to get out of that inning?

- Cam made some great pitches. You know, he's facing really tough hitter in Castellanos to-- you know, his first hitter and just froze him on a fastball. And then got the double play ball. So big situation, big time in the game.

You know, they've got the tying run second at that point. It's getting late enough in the game in the sixth inning, where, you know, runs are obviously going to swing the game one way or the other. And for him to get out of that inning with no more damage, you know, really set us up well.

INTERVIEWER: And Nick Tropeano looked solid through five. At what point did he start to feel his shoulder?

- He was-- he was grinding it early. It got a little looser, but, you know, just seemed like he just wasn't able to finish his pitches as the game went on. And, you know, obviously, we didn't want to extend him and put him at risk. But he, you know, he just battled his way through five innings.

INTERVIEWER: So what's the plan moving forward with him? Further examination? Just give it extra rest?

- Yeah. We'll just see how setting up in the next couple of days and hopefully, you know, go the right way and he'll make his next start. But we're going to, you know, obviously keep an eye on it.